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Media influence over people. How governments use media - Research Paper Example

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News reporting of the warfare was basically loyal until 1968 during the tet-offfencive. Initially, there was no reliance on media censorship since news reporters had found it impossible to air South Vietnam stories. …
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Media influence over people. How governments use media
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Download file to see previous pages Many media sources opposed the U.S war in Vietnam because they saw it as a waste of time and resources. In addition, media held a sensitive attitude towards the war.
Media had the authority to leave a long-lasting legacy memorable on the whole nation. For instance, such legacies were the scenes of the South Vietnamese police officer shooting the temple that had his hands held together behind his back. The media incarcerated huge audiences in every bit it could in that televisions captured helmeted cops associating with protesters in Grant Park and spread it across televisions nationally during the democratic convention of 1968. It is significant to note that media was biased in the sense that it failed to mention the increasing conformist trend among American youngsters in 1960s. Media was inclined to show American youths as peace volunteers, civil rights activists and pacifists which was not the case.
How media portrayed the collapse of the wall of Berlin
The portrayal of the media on the fall of the Berlin barrier was trivializing the wall event. Media manipulated the truth of the matter during the scene. For instance, when the Soviet Union started to totter, journalists claimed it was a verification that the risk of totalitarian communism had never been in existence, however that was no so as per the media claims. The leftists’ journalisms attached the capitalists for exploiting the newly liberated workers after the Eastern Europe gained liberation. This was alleged by a Los Angeles reporter who claimed that communism was good in old days when the state could press personal freedom but ensure citizens were sheltered, employed and hunger free. Media never ceased to shower Cuba’s communist authoritarianism with superior press even after the communists failed in Europe when it was really tough for Cubans. The same happened with the northern Korea where the CNN Ted Turner lamely defended the dictator Kim jing-li’s treatment on his citizens. People were malnourished, thin and starving yet Ted Turner claimed there were no scenes of any form of brutality. Taylor, F. (2006) states that the collapse of the Berlin fence was one of the most significant even in the history of the world since it led to the end of tyranny and human brutality. However, it is important to note that media could have done better than what it events did. For instance, it failed to bring this happening into a historical context. Portrayal of media on Tiananmen Square Tiananmen Square would always remain a political rally that turned into a bloody massacre as portrayed by the media. The scenes of brutal crackdowns in the Beijing square as china was the site of a pro-democracy student demonstration in1989; these events were aired and reported live in media all over the globe. The demonstration granted the media an opportunity for a telegenic foreign story that was easier for viewers to easily identify with. The government was so threatening that it stopped students from talking to the media. This was followed by an official news blackout and everything left in dilemma as reports were being threatened. Chinese citizens outside Beijing neither saw nor heard the true horror of the event, instead received official state versions that described the scenes as violent students demonstrator’s and angry dissidents attacking innocent government authorities. However, this was not the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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