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International media and telecommunications are not promoting a more peaceful - Research Paper Example

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Telecommunications and the media represent a double-edged sword. When the media propagates disinformation with the aim of manipulating public sentiments and messages of intolerance, it becomes a frightful…
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International media and telecommunications are not promoting a more peaceful
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Extract of sample "International media and telecommunications are not promoting a more peaceful"

Download file to see previous pages The media has different and opposite roles during the war. During a war for instance, the media could choose to concentrate on destroying the war as opposed to exalting the freedom from the tyranny. This discourse delves into analysing the position that International media and telecommunications are not promoting peaceful International relations. The author of the paper posits that the media could design and package the war as an invasion against an attack. Furthermore, telecommunications and media can outline negative against a positive attitude during the conflict. News Media benefits from the development in technology sector.
Strategy in the simplest definition entails understanding who the players are in international relations as well as it stands in the society today. The comprehension covers the real position and both external and internal perceptions. The definition also includes having clear understanding of where international relations should get to and means of ensuring it gets to the destination.
They constitute specific forms of substance with an intrinsic communicative ability. Among others, they are structures, innovations, reforms, legislation, institutions, investments, and policies in the media sector. They remain suggestive, memorable, remarkable, and newsworthy.
The review of evidence applied in search strings to peruse five journal databases. The researcher filtered various papers after identification based on the date of publication starting the last decade of the twentieth century. Identification also considered countries with experiences in conflict and telecommunications and media associated with political occurrences. The analysis yielded twelve papers for review. Experts supplemented the twelve papers. The researcher graded evidence based on a regular pattern, evaluating the degree and quality of empirical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Media and Telecommunications Are Not Promoting a More Research Paper.
“International Media and Telecommunications Are Not Promoting a More Research Paper”, n.d.
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