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When training people, the most important thing is bond with them (Wexler & Garry 2002).In this case, the trainer is supposed to form a relationship between him and the trainers for effective learning. I had experienced a case where a trainer always intimidated his trainees and…
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Journalism: Communication skill and Conflict management Communication Skills and Conflict management When training people, the most important thing is bond with them (Wexler & Garry 2002).In this case, the trainer is supposed to form a relationship between him and the trainers for effective learning. I had experienced a case where a trainer always intimidated his trainees and bossing them around. To an embarrassing extent, he could follow them to bars and intimidate them in the presence of other people.
To develop a good relationship with trainees involves understanding their weakness and strengths. In addition to that, the trainer is supposed to interact with the employees and make sure they understand him. It should not be the case where trainers boss trainees around rather than that, they should interact as friends and knowing one another by names. Studies have shown that even a simple thing like addressing trainees by name boosts the relationship between them and the trainer (Wexler& Garry 2002).
When dealing with a conflict involving trainees, a trainer has to come up with several strategies to solve it. In this case, the best conflict manager always comes out with a perfect way to stop the conflict and make sure that it may never happen in future.
When solving a conflict, the trainer is supposed to be of sound judgment and be as fair as possible. This can only be achieved if the trainer is following the proper conflict management strategies. On the contrary, I experienced one incident where the trainer would shout at the trainees who were conflicting and order them stop and be friends or else he would expel them.
Well, such an approach is doomed to failure since the trainees will always conflict whenever he is not available, straining their relationship further (Wexler& Garry 2002).
My suggestion to resolving such a conflict will involve listening, understanding and trying to resolve the conflict. First and foremost, listening involves summoning both trainees and let them narrate their side of story. In line with that, a trainer should also ensure the other trainer is listening; this way he is sure they are communicating on the same page. After both trainees have narrated their stories, make it clear that you are there to help resolve the conflict. It is important for the trainees to understand that you don’t have a magical solution to their conflict rather you are there to help them find a solution.
It is important to make sure that you maintain your objectivity even when you know 100% that it is trainer B that wronged trainer A. jumping to trainers A side will make trainer B feel like you are both ganging against him/her (Wexler& Garry 2002)..
Maintaining the calmness is vital: Anger blurs ones judgment. In other words since both parties are angry and maybe almost fighting, you being angry doesn’t help the case. In the same manner, try to figure out the source of the conflict and work together towards a solution.
After the parties are calm, you are free to make a plan to solving the conflict for example ask trainee B not to take things from trainee A without asking for permission because they understand it is wrong (Wexler& Garry 2002)..
Sometimes both trainees might fail to agree of wrong doing and maintain they are the victim. In this manner, they may agree to disagree. If this is the case, one is supposed to give out guidelines to avoid a further conflict arising from the issue.
Shouting down and forcing one person to apologize to the other has never worked and should not be encouraged at all cost (Wexler & Gary2002).
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Wexler, K. N., & Latham, G. P. (2002). Developing and training human resources in organizations (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. Read More
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