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What are the features of a gendered approach to new media Illustrate your answer with examples from cyberfeminism - Essay Example

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Computers and the internet, including other technological developments have mostly been founded on generic conditions with accessibility and use not affected…
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What are the features of a gendered approach to new media Illustrate your answer with examples from cyberfeminism
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Extract of sample "What are the features of a gendered approach to new media Illustrate your answer with examples from cyberfeminism"

Download file to see previous pages The gendered approach to new media shall be discussed based on cyberfeminism and some examples of how it applies to new media. According to Sadie Plant (1997), cyberfeminism is a completely post-human insurrection. It is said to refer to a reaction of a new system which incorporates women and computers in relation to the global perspective and obvious reality of patriarchy which usually subjugates such women (Plant, 1997). In this case, there is a coalition of goods against masters, in this case, an alliance of women and machines (Bassett, 1997). Such ideal considerations between women and machines have also been observed in the VNS Matrix and its Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st century. Rosi Braidotti (1996) also declares that cyberfeminism has to support a system of affirmation with women engaging in cyberspace in order to ensure that it would not be marked by men and their penchant for male domination. Under such context, there is a need to eliminate the previews views of feminism, popular in the 1970s. Cyberfeminism declares that 1970s feminism is often guilt-inducing, anti-sex, and based on political correctness. Such 1970s feminism is also not relevant to women’s conditions in new technologies (Braidotti, 1996). However, in the actual setting, cyberfeminism has also included other applications of feminist movements like strategic separatism, social as well as language theory assessment, and the establishment of new images for women on the internet to resist persistent sexist stereotypes, strategic essentialism, and similar concepts (Plant, 1997). The rejection of historical feminism is an issue because it relinquishes also the new ideals, aligning itself with fears and stereotypes about feminism.
In scanning internet content, majority of the popular feminist agitation presently apply by women on the net includes a cybergrrl-ism in all its incarnations including webgrrls, guerrilla girls, bad grrls ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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