Is Hate Speech in the Media Directly Affecting our Culture (responses) - Assignment Example

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In the book taking sides: clashing views in mass media and society; the yes perspective by Henry A. Giroux seems more logical and compelling than the no response by Georgie Ann Weatherby and Brian Scoggins…
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Is Hate Speech in the Media Directly Affecting our Culture (responses)
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Is hate speech in media directly affecting our culture? Media has had a big influence on culture in both good andbad ways. In the book taking sides: clashing views in mass media and society; the yes perspective by Henry A. Giroux seems more logical and compelling than the no response by Georgie Ann Weatherby and Brian Scoggins. Henry’s responses catches your attention from the beginning as he gives reasons why he thinks the media is influencing culture in a bad way. The authors of no perspective on the other hand do not seem to be organised and as a result fail to capture the readers’ attention. To this end I would like to state that I agree with Henry’s perspective. Henry is of the opinion that the kind of culture portrayed in the media makes human being lose their sense of humanity.
By watching violent behaviour on television children tend to adopt what they have seen in the media. Societal degradation is rife and rising in the name of entertainment and glorification of America. People no longer care about each other and the poor and homeless are considered lazy. In his response he states that ‘… many groups who are considered marginal because they are poor, unemployed, people of color, elderly or young have not just been excluded from the American dream but have become utterly redundant and disposable waste products of a society that no longer considers them of any value’. He adds that suffering and violence is applauded and recognized in holly wood. The homeless and poor are seen as a burden to the state and instead of having compassion for the homeless, homelessness is considered a crime. He adds that sleeping, sitting, soliciting lying down or loitering in public places is considered a criminal offense.
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Giroux, Henry. Living in a culture of cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle, Truthout, (September 2,
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