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Culture Video Paper - Speech or Presentation Example

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[Instructor Name] Why are these distinctions important?  Race and Culture are two words that are misused time and again. Sometimes, these words are used interchangeably as well. It is important that these words are understood in their truer context and used where ever they are required…
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Culture Video Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Culture, is in relation to the traditions that the person follows to be able to exist in the society. Culture is related to the societal norms that exist in the community. In a community there can be people from different races, who have been living together and because of this they develop similar customs and traditions so that they can be connected with each other through common practices and bonds. · What are the advantages of attending a diverse campus?  By studying in colleges that have different people from different cultures studying can help you adjust easily to newer people and newer surroundings with little issues or reservations. It is a good help but then again there is a negative factor too, if a person develops some kind of pre conceived image or impression of the people he is around will cause wrong judgments and wrong attitudes to form and exist. · What are the potential issues of a lack of diversity?  The need to get rid of the cultural bias is becoming increasingly necessary as the concept of globalization is taking hold. It is important that the person should be able to overcome the biases that they have with regards to any kind of race or culture the other belongs to as they have to learn to coexist with the changing demographics of the country. If we have a look at Europe we will see that the old age population is increasing with time. They have an extremely high amount of population that is receiving pensions and this is as far as saying that their population pyramid is inverting. This will create a lot of job openings and lesser amount of locals to actually to take those jobs, so it is natural that the companies will start hiring from the countries where there is a pool of candidates available. People will then have to learn to adjust to the cultures of others so that they can co exist in harmony and are able to function together like a team. · For many, much of their perception about cultures comes from TV and the movies they watch. How is this a potential problem?  People have been on the lookout to develop ways through which the companies can reduce their cost of marketing and promotion. The answer has come in the form of the mass telecommunication gadgets. Today a man can view the World Wide Web through a device as small as his own mobile phone. The social networking sites have also increased the scopes the company has to reach out to the market today. Use of telecommunication media for the promotion of tourism is quite a good idea because this, the far flung places of the world can also be brought o the limelight. Using the media to promote the image of the place will be enhanced; it will become more recognizable for the people and therefore it will indirectly increase the market share of that area. If we have a look at it we can see that placing ads of the exotic and beautiful places will get them advertised and at the same time the cost of advertising will be cut down. Today after the increasing advent of technology the media has taken the major role there ever is in getting the product across to the public. The telecommunication media devices have evolved with time and it is apparent now that they will continue evolving. It is this sort of devices that have converted the world into a global village. Earlier the use of media was limited to newspaper, radio and televisions, but today internet has broadened ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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