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Representation of Women in the Music Videos - Research Paper Example

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The use of women in music videos has become a common phenomenon in the contemporary world. The paper digs in the representation of the women in the music videos using one of the most highly controversial videos of all time by Snoop Dogg titled "Beautiful"…
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Representation of Women in the Music Videos
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Download file to see previous pages The music videos have been active in developing the careers of many singers. Madonna is a prime example in this regard, as the videos portrayed the singer in a new face. Music videos have become very important nowadays as it often decides the success of the album to a certain extent. The birth of the music videos has been debated for the decline in the quality of music as the consumers are now engrossed in watching the visual extension of the artists. It has become obvious for the artists to look good and the quality of the music has become secondary.1 With the development of music videos, the music companies have realized the importance of meeting the visual appeals of the consumers. For this purpose, they use women in a sensual way in the videos and use their sex-appeal to attract the consumers. Madonna has been successful in her music videos because of the use of her sex appeal. The use of women in music videos has become a common phenomenon. The paper deals in the representation of the women in the music videos using one of the most highly controversial videos of all time by Snoop Dogg. 2
One of the most successful videos in the modern day era is “Beautiful” by Snoop Dogg. It was released in the year 2003 and was directed by Chris Robinson. The video featured Pharrell Williams. The video was shot in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and it was so successful that it reached the Number 6 spot in the “US Hot 100” chart. The lyrics of the song depicts the artist stating love to his interest in the video in a matured way. The lyrics contain words which depict the sexual character of the woman. The artist says how he longed for her in the school days and praises her physical features. The lyrics of the song reveals the physical characteristics of the woman in the video and uses the words like the
The lyrics of the song underlines the fact that the video of the song had to be sexy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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