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Africa for Investors - Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "Africa for Investors" is to deliver vests in the racism and negative perception about Africa. It will be helpful for students who believe that they are the next phase of investors and who are looking for the best continent to invest their businesses, a place where minimum risks exist…
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Africa for Investors
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Extract of sample "Africa for Investors"

Download file to see previous pages This paper is an informative speech about Africa. Since time in memorial we have had a perception that Africa is the darkest continent. But has anyone of you taken an initiative to research more about Africa? As I stand here I hope there is no one amongst you branding me an African ambassador. It’s just that I have visited one of the African countries and done more research about other African countries.  I have been to South Africa. Do not ask me whether I saw the lions and the monkeys because there are more to that than you can imagine. From the profound glades and mountains, the flowers, the rivers, hills and the valleys, the seas and the deserts delineate the phase of the Dark Continent.  From the beaches which thaw the coldness we experience during the winter. The heavy equatorial rainfalls and the rumbling of the summer thunders are enough to shake hell out of you. Africa is defined by unique sceneries and dramatic structures that shape out the landscape. Their strict culture and love for visitors, is enough to send an eternal happiness down ones’ spinal cord. The quiet and calm forests bring a sense of restoration from our rather noisy environment. With all the beauty described, I still wonder why some of us have a negative attitude towards Africa! Sometimes in fear, I have been left flagger basted whether one should concede to the war-torn nations. Fear is the biggest enemy for development. In particular fear for the unknown. Sometimes in fear, I have been left flagger basted whether one should concede to the war-torn nations. Fear is the biggest enemy for development. In particular fear for the unknown. Africa is beautiful, it is amazing and it is a good ground for investments. From my research it is true that there are some countries which suffer pain of aggressive conflict. These include; Libya, Somali, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Algeria and democratic republic of Congo. Let us now turn to the hard facts. There are about 54 nations in Africa. The countries with related conflicts do not exceed 10 in number. We are left with approximately 46 peaceful African countries. It should not be forgotten that the causes of the conflicts are simple, which might need our intervention in a more noble way. Poverty, leadership wrangles, the vast rich resources and human degradation are some of the things that leave Africans in persistent shadow of despair. For those who read the bible we are told to be our brother’s keeper. How can we be termed as children of God if we cannot empathize with the plight of our fellow people? Ladies and gentlemen, as we are gathered here facts must be told! Though it may sound implausible to the skeptics, Africa is ordained to prosper! Let us have a closer look at the some of the countries that were war-torn but peace now reigns within the nations. Despite having some few issues here and there, peace is being restored in Sudan. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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