Global Contraflows - Morocco - Essay Example

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Global contra flows refer to the movement of culture from one confined region to other regions that may be beyond those within the geographical limits. This is normally brought about by migrants that may either impact positively or a negatively on the society in question…
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Global Contraflows - Morocco
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Download file to see previous pages Global contraflows are a threat to Americanization. This is so because it enhances culture diversification that is contrary to what Americanization stands for. In the past U.S had dominated over the other cultures making the minority cultures to adopt their way of life thus deteriorating culture of individuals (Moran 67). Contraflows on the contrary provide avenues for culture exchange between two different regions thus nurturing culture and ensuring its maintenance. There is therefore need to rethink culture production (Pennycook 74). This is to ensure that productions are considerate of the ethics of other cultures. This is to ensure that they conform to the norms of the other cultures so as not to be faced with hostility when the product is aired (Thussu 86). This paper seeks to analyze whether the Gnawa music of Morocco had an impact on the social life of individuals globally and the role that media played in ensuring cultural exchange.
Gnawa music was mostly experienced by the westerns who visited Morocco. This is due to the annual Gnawa festival that is held annually in one of the Moroccan beaches (Athique 49). This provided the visiting westerns with the chance to be able to experience cultural celebrations of the Moroccan people. This as well provided an avenue whereby the Moroccan people and the westerners could be able to exchange their culture (Kearey, Kleipes and Vine 53). This is because the performers went to perform having worn their full regalia that marks the celebration. This could offer the westerners with a chance to learn the culture of their hosts and at the same time the hosts could be able to learn through this interactions (Moran 65). With the advent of media, culture movement was further facilitated. This is because of the availability of equipment such as satellite televisions that made it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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