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Partnerships between the United States and Morocco Effect - Essay Example

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This essay overviews the partnerships between the United States of America and Morocco that aim at economic development, stability and security along the coast of Marocco by launching a joint commitment to regional and partnership in the energy and development sectors…
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Partnerships between the United States and Morocco Effect
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Extract of sample "Partnerships between the United States and Morocco Effect"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Partnerships between the United States and Morocco Effect" overviews the ways to support the partnership between the USA and Morocco in order to ensure the economic development, stability and security along the coast of Morocco.
Morocco hosted a meeting that was aimed at addressing security concerns along the coast of Morocco. The U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa and Royal Moroccan Navy's attended the meeting to launch a joint commitment to regional that would ensure that country remains economically stable with the assurance of a security in the coastline. Security along the coast is a factor that the Moroccan government is interested in ensuring that trade in the region is not compromised and the country’s command of trade in North Africa remains beneficial to the Economy. The guided-missile frigate USS Simpson joined the deputy chief of strategy, resources, and plans at the meeting where they visited Casablanca, Morocco, for the three-day meeting.
Most of the leaders at the launch made it known to the delegates that a strong sense of teamwork was required if they were true to the faith of meeting any force protection plan. With such comments from the leaders in both countries, it was clear that the talks between the prospective naval forces would strengthen their ties to each other and ensure that their goal of maritime security is met. Simpson’s commanding officer informed the delegates that his crew was committed to working hand in hand with the forces in Morocco. for a join affiliation that would see the interests of both parties brought to book. Such a move would promote peaceful coexistence, maintain security and stability and boost trade in the region. With Milliken’s confident assurance to the African nation, he made it clear that although it was his crew’s first time in Morocco, they were willing dock along the shores of Morocco because their ship was ready to cruise for an operation of such importance. The U.S. ambassador to Morocco, Samuel Kaplan, was equally impressed by the hospitality displayed between the U.S. and Morocco. He viewed this as a show of unity, commitment and devotion of the hardworking men and women of the navy. Morocco does not often receive a lot of visits from the American forces except on special occasions organized to meet a well thought for objective that has a bearing to either or both of the economies. The meeting was the most opportune moment for the delegates to visit Morocco and come to terms with the beautiful sceneries that the country had to offer. Among the famous sites that could not go unnoticed by the delighted delegates were the Hassan II mosque and the legendary Rick's Cafe. U.S. Chamber Leads Delegation of U.S. Companies to Morocco A partnership in the Energy and development sectors is the most opportune way for Morocco to reduce unemployment and boost its renewable energy capacity. Morocco planned to host a professional meeting that would bring together eleven companies that comprised of the First Solar as well as the General Dynamics. The others included Harris Corp. together with Honeywell International. Objectively, the meeting sought to find decisive ideas that would hasten the economic development of Morocco and in the long-run create jobs to the unemployed citizens in their economy. The meeting was intended to involve two major signing ceremonies which were to be presided over by Minister of Equipment and Transport, Aziz Rabbah. Job creation is one of the major ways of reducing unemployment rates which characterize a number of third world countries including Morocco. The move to bring into the economy talks that would hopefully result into construction of a port along the shores of Morocco was a way in which the country had intended to reduce unemployment rates. This move was commendable because it was aimed at benefiting both Morocco and the U.S. Apart from Morocco, it would provide jobs in the United States as well to skilled personnel who would be participate in building and construction of the port and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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