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Major Events during World War II - Essay Example

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Professor Date Major Events during World War II World War II began in 1941. The great depression, which hit United State and other parts of the world in 1930, was one of the major causes of World War II. The great depression which occurred as a result of market crash in United States weakened the economic status of the entire world; rivalry was witnessed, failure to repay debts led to mistrust…
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Major Events during World War II
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"Major Events during World War II"

Download file to see previous pages Rising to power by Adolf Hitler in the year 1933 reestablished the German army and prepared it well to participate in a war of invasion. Events took place during the World War II. Prior to the real war, growing of tension took about three years, which include the union of Germany and Austria, incursion of Czechoslovakia and Spanish Civil war. The result was the invasion of Poland by German army; war on Germany was declared just two days after the German attack on Poland by Britain and France. United States played a role in supplying Britain with war weapons but they did not take part in it (Alleman). Tripartite Pact Tripartite Pact was created and signed between Germany, Italy and Japan in 1940 with an aim of fostering peace among themselves and the entire world. The threes governments believed that in fostering peace, they would maintain a systematic way of doing things, promote partnership and prosperity among its people. In addition, it is the mandate of the three countries to collaborate with other countries in the globe. These countries in agreement, both recognize and respect the leadership of each country so that they could create new order of things in Europe and Middle Asia (Robinson). They also confirmed that their agreement had no impact on the political status that existed then between the constricting authorities and soviet Russia. The three countries agreed that the validity of the pact was to take effect immediately it was signed and was to last for ten years from the day of signing. Renewal of the pact would depend on negotiations between any of the countries and high constricting authorities. The Lend-Lease Act Lend-Lease Act was a United States Federal Government plan during World War II which was passed on March 11 1941. President Roosevelt authorized the act. United States provided this service with the aim of defending its country from external attacks as well as for economic benefits. This act provided United States with the ability to supply war materials and other resources to associated nations while it acted on neutral grounds (Kellogg p.330). The act was based on cash and carry grounds as a result of mutual understanding as a result of weak economic power of England which was unable to purchase and provide transport means for the materials which came to an end in 1945. Attack of Pearl Harbor Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor on the 7th day of December 1941which was the base of about 50000 American military; highest concentration of United States army was. Japanese carriers and ships that escorted the carriers positioned themselves some miles away from the target area and instigated its first group of fighters, bombers, and war planes. Their main aim was to destroy the U.S fleets; the battle ships, carriers and the aircraft (Gropman p.11). Many U.S soldiers were killed, the Pacific fleet of the U.S was damaged although temporarily, which was a success to the Japanese. It was out of this that United States of America affirmed war on Japan (Robinson). Battle of the Coral Sea In May 1942, battle of the Coral Sea was experienced. It was battled in the waters and was the first among the six pacific wars, which was between conflicting aircraft transporter military. The battle was as a result of the Japanese ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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