Review on War at Sea A Navel History Of World War Two - Book Report/Review Example

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Nathan Miller is considered as a writer who has the enormous talent to present historical facts and events for the general…
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Book Review on War at Sea A Navel History Of World War Two
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Extract of sample "Review on War at Sea A Navel History Of World War Two"

Download file to see previous pages From the overview of the book and the details shared along with the overall style of writing, it is clear that the key purpose of author was to present the history of Naval War during WWII in concise form so that the general readers are able to understand the historical accounts while at the same time are being entertained while reading. This book has been written like a Novel and presents a historical account of something which could have otherwise been a dull subject. In that sense Miller has been able to clearly set the stage for the extensive account of the overall Naval history of the War. His approach to go from one point to another and connect the overall events with each other has been remarkably well written and provides a great example of how popular historical narratives need to be written.
There are various arguments presented in the book and the author has taken a systematic approach to discuss the overall arguments. First, author has taken an approach to almost dedicate each chapter to the each major event which took place in the War. By taking this approach, author has actually been able to put forward important arguments regarding each historical event which took place during the war.
His major arguments are based upon various factors such as availability of resources, technology, leadership and overall ability to respond to the losses. Miller critically argued about how allied forces were better in deploying their overall resources and technology to take a lead in the war. Apart from the ability to use technology and resources, Miller has also discussed about the issue of leadership and how the leadership actually responded to the overall challenges faced during the warfare. As such Author has been successful in making the arguments based upon a range of different factors which have contributed to the overall events which taken place during the war.
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