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Morocco - Essay Example

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Despite this high amount of money allocation to education, it is apparent that the level of education provided to the graduates is wanting. The poor quality of education provided…
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Extract of sample "Morocco"

The Economy of Morocco Retrieved from http Morocco is one of the countries in North Africa that spends a lot of money on education (Alami 1). Despite this high amount of money allocation to education, it is apparent that the level of education provided to the graduates is wanting. The poor quality of education provided to the Moroccans is the main contributing factor for the high rate of unemployment for the graduates. The demand for foreigners is very high in Morocco; employers in Morocco value the quality of their education.
The quality of education provided to the graduates in Morocco is very poor despite “the allocation of approximately a quarter of its state budget on education” (Alami 1). According to Alami (1), the type of education offered to graduates has left them ill-equipped for job access in the market. Additionally, Alami claims that the level of education offered to students depends entirely on the economic status of their parents. In relation to this assertion, it is apparent that the students lack equal chances of succeeding in Morocco. Despite all these, it is evident that over 6.5 million students have the chance of joining colleges after completing their schooling at elementary and high schools. In addition to this, 600,000 students are registered in higher education. From this, it is apparent that the number of unqualified graduates will increase significantly from the current number.
The rate of unemployment among the Moroccans is very high. In tandem with this assertion, Aljazeera (1) claims that the unemployment rate in Morocco is 9.1%nationally, 16% for graduates and 31.4% for citizens below the age of 34 years. The poor quality of education offered to the graduates has contributed to them lacking access to job opportunities. In other words, the job market is very hostile to the Moroccan graduates. Corruption also plays a part in the high rate of unemployment in Morocco. According to Alami (1), money and network are very essential for one to get a job in Morocco. Additionally, the rate of unemployment among Moroccans is also as a result of high number of dropouts which is as a result of language shift. It is as a result of high number of Moroccans’ unemployment that many protests are experienced in Morocco. In relation to this, Aljazeera (1) reported that “five unemployed university graduates burned themselves during demonstration.”
Retrieved from
“Young unemployed graduates during a protest in 2011 against unemployment and the cost of living in front of the Moroccan Parliament in Rabat” Retrieved from
The economy of Morocco has been growing at a very significant rate, a rate between 4% and 5%, because of the contributions of foreign employees. According to Lemaire and Mathlouti (1), majority of the French graduates move to Morocco because of the job opportunities available there. Their high number in Morocco is as a result of the economic vitality of that state. In other words, foreigners are in high demand in Morocco. The demand for foreigners in Morocco is associated with not only change in demands for economy, but also poor working qualities of the graduates in Morocco. The graduates who are considered in Morocco are only those from private schools.
In conclusion, the economy of Morocco grows at a rate between 4% and 5% percent. However, it is unable to create enough job opportunities for the exponential growth of unemployed. The high rate of Moroccans’ unemployment is as a result of their below standard level of education. The majority of the employers in Morocco value graduates from private schools as well as those from foreign countries.
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Morocco Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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