Expensive Treats: Edible Crustaceans and its effect on their sustainability - Essay Example

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There are plenty of crustaceans that are strange looking and have at least four pairs of limbs, a segmented body, and chitinous exoskeleton. Most of crustaceans are edible, such as crab, shrimps,…
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Expensive Treats: Edible Crustaceans and its effect on their sustainability
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CRUSTACEAN al Affiliation) A crustacean is a member of a of the arthropods that live in the water. There are plenty of crustaceans that are strange looking and have at least four pairs of limbs, a segmented body, and chitinous exoskeleton. Most of crustaceans are edible, such as crab, shrimps, krill, and lobster (Thorp, 2010). These species have become a delicacy to many people around the world; however, they represent a small percentage of the total worldwide marine catch. Their population is affected by a number of things, including; the constant fight of resources among marine animals. It is crucial to look at these sustainability issues and its effect on the crustacean sector and the overall effect to food security. Sustainability guarantees that there is population in the oceans for the future.
Demand for seafood and the introduction of new technology has threatened the population of these species. They are usually in high demand and are expensive, and for this reason, people catch them in plenty without considering their survival. Catching so many crustaceans at a time leaves a few of the species in the ocean. This leaves the population of crustaceans smaller, making their replenish process through reproduction harder.
It is crucial to look at the sustainability of these crustaceans in order to make sure that food security exists for every person at all time. Measures can be put in place to make sure that there is a sustainable way of capturing crustaceans when people need to capture and trade them. This will help in avoiding their depletion in the water. These sustainability measures help in making sure that there is food security, they help in increasing the employment level, and also help in the development of the economy through exports. In order to continue to rely on crustaceans as sources of food, conservationists, economists, and the general population needs to adapt sustainable fishing practices.
Thorp, J. H., & Covich, A. P. (2010). Ecology and classification of North American freshwater invertebrates. Amsterdam: Academic Press. Read More
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