The nicotine's effect on daphnia - Lab Report Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Lab Report: The Nicotine's Effect on daphnia Background Daphnia is a remarkably tiny organism under the planktonic crustaceans classification and also called water fleas. They have a length between 0.2 to 0.5 mm. They have a hard transparent skeleton, which resembles a shell…
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The nicotines effect on daphnia
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"The nicotine's effect on daphnia"

Download file to see previous pages They are significant sources of food to different organism such as fish and frogs among others. Daphnia is common in laboratory experiments and have been used for years especially in drug tests among others. The most common test done using this organism is the Daphnia Heart Rate Test. Daphnia is ideal in Heart Rate Test because they are ectotherms, thus their body changes with changes in the environment. Following the fact that chemical reactions rate’s increases with an increase in temperature, it would of great use in establishing the temperature changes if Daphnias’ metabolism rate would be increased. Introduction This experiment aims at designing a hypothesis about the effect of nicotine on living organisms. The heart of Daphnia is clearly seen with the help of a low power microscope. In reference with research, which states the heart of a Daphnia beats 300 beats per minute, we can have a chance to monitor the change of the heartbeat, with change in different physiological aspects such as chemical concentration, temperature, or changing the type of chemical or even the reaction when Daphnia are in pure water. It is necessary to note that the change in Daphnia heartbeat rate does note practically represent the human’s case. However, the examination will give us learners a chance to evaluate the effects of nicotine on metabolic processes. This experiment is under the courtesy of British Pharmacology Society (Corotto, Ceballos and Vinson, 177). Hypothesis In this experiment, Daphnia magna, which is a transparent crustacean is used to establish the effect of nicotine on heart rate. There are different results expected from the experiment based on the concentrations of the nicotine. However, because nicotine is a stimulant, thus increase metabolic rates, there are high possibilities that the heart rate will increase with the increase in the concentration of nicotine. Ultimately, the Daphnia may die because of high heart rates, as this is a fatal condition (Fitzgerald 15). Problem: what effect will nicotine have on Daphnia? Ethical issues Students should be very careful because they are expected to handle these animals in a way that illustrates good ethical attitude towards experimental animals. High is regardless of the fact that they are animals with fewer capabilities thus may not suffer as much as higher animals; overall they deserve respect. All animals should be returned to their habitats after the experiment. This will support ethical approaches put in place by different biology organizations. Equipment 1. Tobacco solution 2. 2 depression slides 3. 2 cover slips (22 x 60 mm) 4. Kleenex 5. Water from Daphnia culture of different temperature 6. Piece of cotton wool 7. Microscope – low power resolution 8. Daphnia Magna – culture of water flea 9. Daphnia anatomy chart- for source 10. 3 droppers Preparation of Tobacco solution This solution can be made from cigarettes; approximately 20 of them can make an ideal solution. After the extract is emptied in a cup of water, place it covered for about 12 hours. Sieve the solution into another container; solutions of differing concentration should then be made where the different shall be determined by the ratio between water and the solution. The study will begin using solution with lower concentration and later use those with higher concentration in references with the guidelines by Washington Association for Biomedical Research. It is significant to note that the level of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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