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Transnational Television networks seek to showcase a number of channels in one or more countries where these channels have been less modified in terms of their programming as well other factors such as advertising. As such, when these channels are showcased in a variety of…
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Paper Assignment 2
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Download file to see previous pages With that, their programming strategies in these countries are similar despite the clear cultural differences.
There has been a lot of argument as to what difference transnational television brings when compared to the television programming strategies and dynamics that are portrayed in a majority of US based television networks which implement a localized multi-directional media flow (A localized multi-directional media flow is media programming that is customized and/ or localized to fit into the culture and dynamics of the country and/ or region in which it is showcased). It should be noted that localization of channels brings a cultural benefit which in turn increases the audience / viewer numbers in different regions. The article by Lustyik (2010) seeks to discover the difference between transnational and localized multi-directional media television networks.
MTV is one of the most popular international television networks that are owned by Viacom International media networks. As such, it also has a large number of viewing audiences in a number of countries and/ or regions in the world. These include the likes of: Africa, Asia, Pacific, North America, South America and UK.
The programming in these countries and/ or regions can be termed as multi-directional media - where programming in these different regions has been localized to suit the different cultures that are present in these specific regions. For example, MTV programming in Africa is different from that of Asia, UK and USA. A good example is that of South Africa. MTV South Africa has been optimally localized to showcase programming as well as presenting and advertising that are totally South African. As such, this option seeks attract a larger audience of South African viewers. Some of the localized programmes include the likes of: The Official African Chart and The Base Chart Show – both of which air different South ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Paper Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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