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Learning is a process in which knowledge is imparted or gained and it involves a number of activities all geared towards making the learner to properly grasp important concepts in the subject of study. Most of the learning activities are meant to give the learner practical or…
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Best/Worst Experiential Activities
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Best/Worst Experimental Activities School Learning is a process in which knowledge is imparted or gained and it involves a number of activities all geared towards making the learner to properly grasp important concepts in the subject of study. Most of the learning activities are meant to give the learner practical or hands on experience in a particular field. This paper is going to look at case studies as an experimental learning activity which I’ve had the opportunity to engage.
In a classroom situation an instructor may use experimental methods such as case studies as part of the training. Naumes (2006) explains that case studies enables learners place the study in the context of the actual situations. This is true because well selected and relevant case studies provide the student with the real situation on the ground.
I’ve had an opportunity to use a case study as part of my coursework. The study concerned the effects of media in peace building prior and after a general election. In respect to the course I was taking, the study was appropriate as it furthered my understanding of the concepts taught in class. It resonated well with all the topics in the course.
Indeed the study was well packaged and presented as it was academic and was logically arranged right from the abstract to the findings, conclusion and recommendations. This enabled me to find the sections important to my course work.
Certainly the case study not only facilitated understanding but also conceptualization and visualizations as required in the EDIT (Experience, Description, Inference and Transfer) process.
However, case studies may not be effective if they are irrelevant, poorly prepared and presented. In some instances the case studies may comprise of views of the author which may be contentious or inaccurate.
Case studies as a form of an experimental training method is effective provided it is applicable to the course and presents a real life situation that aids in better understanding of concepts.
Naumes, W., & Naumes, M. J.(2006). The Art and Craft Case of Writing. New York: M.E. Sharpe. Read More
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Best/Worst Experiential Activities Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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