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Impacts of Outdoor Learning - Essay Example

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Impacts of outdoor learning Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Impacts of outdoor learning 1.0. Introduction The concept of outdoor learning has been of great essence in the educational sector. Various analysts and researchers indicate that outdoor learning can be described as experimental learning that takes place in real life setting…
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Impacts of Outdoor Learning
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Outdoor Learning"

Download file to see previous pages Most educators in the field of education mostly prefer experimental learning over other learning methods, like the lecture method which they claim to be more of teacher centred than student centred. Studies indicate that lessons that are designed to meet the demands of the learners, especially through discovery are more inclined to yield more results than lessons that are more concerned with the tutors (Martin, 2006). Marg (2008) indicates that outdoor learning is that which is organized to fit the learners in the outdoor, with the environment manipulated to fit the needs of the learners. The main learning resource, in this case, is the environment, that allows for learning via action as well as reflection of concepts being taught in the classroom. Reflection, in this case, takes place through use of role play, learner games and narratives amongst others. Through these learning tools, the educators are able to learners tend to change their way of thinking on the manner in which they view the concepts being taught. Of more weight, is the argument by Geoff (2008) who indicates that the kind of knowledge that was confined in the classroom is no longer applicable in contemporary learning environment. Teachers must come up with systems that allow the learners be active in the learning environment, an aspect that allows them interact one on one with the real life environment. If the teachers assume the role of ‘preachers’ in the classroom, chances are that the learners will result to rote learners who will assume education as a part time. Teachers must the source of experience givers, and make the learning environment as constructive as possible. 2.0. Body 2.1. Literature review According to Bilton (2010), outdoor learning is a channel in which the educator opens innovative opportunities for learners to grasp the concepts being taught in the classroom. Experimental learning is a practical method of teaching and learning that allows the learners venture into milieus that they had not been conversant with prior to subjection to the concept being taught in the learning environment. Through outdoor learning, the monotony of the classroom environment and the normal lectures and group discussions are evaded by the learners. Of essence, the learners are given the opportunity to ankle new discoveries in the environment that are relation to the concepts being educated in schools. As much as some critics’ dispute that outdoor learning may give minimal results during learning, the direct point of discussion is that a difference is noted, regardless of how tiny it may sound. This leads to the definition of the learning process, which indicates any form of change that is experienced in the learners after imposition of any form of instruction (Bunting, 2006). In this case, therefore, it would be justified to make the assumption that no matter how minute, outdoor learning has created a lot of changes in the learners. Additionally, research conducted by Sampson & Adelsberger (2008) indicates that outdoor learning has made exceptional changes in the field of education. With time, learners have been seen to develop a positive attitude towards discovery of concepts on their own, which has produced tremendous outcomes on the performance of the learners, a concept which Weaver& Bodzin (2010) refer to as active students. It is evident that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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