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Exploring the Wonders of Outdoor Learning - Dissertation Example

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Exploring the Wonders of Outdoor Learning Children’s learning experiences are usually associated with indoor classrooms set up to meet all their learning needs. However, the outdoor learning environment has likewise shown much possibility in offering a multitude of learning opportunities waiting to be tapped…
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Exploring the Wonders of Outdoor Learning
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Download file to see previous pages ” Introduction Children are very impressionable. They learn from anything and everything that they are exposed to. It takes a responsible adult to provide meaningful and relevant activities from which children will learn important concepts and skills necessary for their growth and development. Guiding them in the learning experiences they will encounter in their lifetime is a primary role of parents, teachers and other adults concerned for the welfare of children. This includes provision of a stimulating learning environment that promotes their optimal development, safety and well-being. This research will be useful for teachers, parents, caregivers and other adults involved in the care and education of young children. Their young wards are at the stage when they are curious, physically active and restless to find out more about their world. This research attempts to bring light to the topic of outdoor play and provide ideas to adults on how they can use outdoor play to support the children’s over-all growth and development. Play & Learning There are many existing views on the concept of learning and development. The Start Right report defines learning as “the development of children’s capacity and motivation to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes, to make sense of their world and to operate effectively within it” (Ball, 1994, p.103). ...
From these definitions, it is clear that the point of view of the child is considered, with adults playing as support instead of a domineering dictator of what they think children should learn. More important than what children learn is how they learn it. Children must be encouraged to enjoy what they do while learning and that practitioners make it possible by making learning tasks interesting, worthwhile and relevant for the children (The Open University, 2003). Edgington (1999) posits that children learn best in an environment that makes them feel secure and confident enough to develop their own ideas with open-ended experiences. They actively engage in learning by partaking of fun, play-based hands-on experiences while adults around them challenge and extend their thinking. Physically, the learning environment gives enough children space to move and be themselves. Children are in their best disposition when they are at play. It is one thing that comes so naturally to them and is a time when they can freely be themselves. Play has been known to be highly beneficial for children as it develops many skills while they learn and have fun. Kanooga (2012) claims that: Play time provides kids with a safe way to experiment and learn about the real world without all the risks associated with the real world. Play time is actually productive time proven to develop talents, character, social skills, language skills, creativity, emotional strength, intellectual capacity and self-discipline (para.2). Children can play alone or with peers; with toys or without; indoors or outdoors. It is such a flexible activity that they can do anywhere, anytime. Adults should keep in mind that children are curious, explorative and active and may get into accidents while they play. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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