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Personal Letter to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford - Essay Example

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Mayor I would like to bring into your attention on the issues of climate change. Climate change debate has been a contentious issue for a very long time; some support its control while others oppose its control. The proponents have a futuristic view and suggest the benefits…
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Personal Letter to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
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Download file to see previous pages First we need to understand the meaning of climate change. “Climate change is the warming of the earth’s atmosphere caused by human-generated emissions of greenhouse gases, the largest contributors being carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane” (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives report, 1995; as cited in Berman, 1997).
There is a gradual increase in temperatures, patterns of rainfall and snow are shifting, and other severe climatic events are occurring such as increased droughts and storms. These events have negatively affected the ecosystem, weather, snow, oceans, and society. Although, natural events contribute to climate change, they are not the primary cause. Studies conducted by scientists ascertain that these drastic changes in the climate are associated with the rise of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere. These gases in the atmosphere are due to human activities such as burning of fossil fuels. The systems human use each day like cooling and heating systems, electricity generators, industrial processes and motor vehicles all contribute significantly to emission of the greenhouse gases.
The greenhouse gases trap heat, and prevent it from escaping out of the atmosphere thus, raise the global temperatures. Climate change seems to be a continuous process, and will be there in the future. As humans continue emitting more greenhouse gases, the future will certainly experience more climatic changes. Climate change will negatively affect the entire world by negatively changing the economy, the environment and the health of people. The world has an obligation to strategize well, in anticipating some of the climate change impacts. This will benefit the entire human race (EPA, 2014).
Solar energy and ocean currents variations affect the climate. Nevertheless, they do not sufficiently explain the rise of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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