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Cover Letters for a Scholarship - Personal Statement Example

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This essay discusses five cover letters addressed to specific criteria awards applications. It analyses the scholarships such as University of British Columbia, ADERA Development Corporation Scholarship, Peter Armstrong Scholarship, British Columbia, Sauder School of Business Leadership Awards…
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Cover Letters for a Scholarship
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Extract of sample "Cover Letters for a Scholarship"

Download file to see previous pages Besides my academic qualifications, I have demonstrated competencies in extra curriculum activities including leadership abilities, sports participation, and entrepreneurship. I, for example, currently serve as the UBC’s Ski and Board club elected executive officer. The club, under my leadership, has organized major events and introduced new ones. I am also an established athlete who has participated in international competitions and won national awards in athletics, including being ranked among the nation’s top three skiers. In addition, I have been actively involved in community development leadership as a volunteer coach and a photography donor. My entrepreneurial ventures include establishing and running a personal photographer shop, S6 Photo, and Hayden Wake enterprise that offers instructional services in business operations and sports facilities. I am therefore the most suitable candidate for the scholarship as I have the qualities that the scholarship seeks to develop. I look forward to your kind consideration that stands to explore my potentials. I shall be ready to discuss more myself when called upon. Yours sincerely, Essex Prescott. Ec: Resume Essex Prescott Canada: 778.987.7707•U.S.: 208.661.8465• 2686 W. 14th Avenue• Vancouver, B.C. V6K 2W6 September 15, 2012, The director Peter Armstrong Scholarship Ontario Canada Dear Sir/Madam, I hereby offer my application for the scholarship position that you have offered. The scholarship has drawn my interest because it offers an opportunity for the development of my established entrepreneurial competence for larger forms of business organizations. I am currently a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business, with demonstrated entrepreneurial competence in sole proprietorship ventures and an outlined plan for a larger family based business. My entrepreneurial ventures include establishing and running a personal photographer shop, S6 Photo, and Hayden Wake enterprise that offers instructional services in business operations and sports facilities. While at the University of British Columbia, I have developed a high-level leadership capacity that culminated to my election as the executive officer of UBC’s Ski and Board Club, a university social club with 1500 members. My leadership abilities have helped the club in organizing numerous major sports events and introducing new sports activities. This, together with other leadership roles, has won me awards such as the President’s Entrance Award, Outstanding Leadership Award for Volunteer services and the nomination for International Student Leadership Award. I have also demonstrated initiative and innovative capacities through my established businesses that have always been profitable and competitive. I am therefore the most suitable candidate for this scholarship position because of my demonstrated competencies, the kind that the scholarship seeks to develop. I look forward to your kind consideration that will further enhance my potentials to become a productive member of society. I shall be ready to discuss more myself when called upon.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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