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Managing Relationships - Essay Example

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I must admit that sometimes, some people we meet and interact with in while attending to our daily activities, be it strangers or non-strangers, can be very fundamental in making our future a success. I remember so well when I met this man, my long time friend, we were total…
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Managing Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages It all begun when I joined high school, this man came my way as I was looking for a place to print my documents. Being that I was new to this school, I asked him to show me where I could print my documents. The man gladly volunteered to deviate from his journey to where he was headed initially, just to make sure he takes me to the printing place. He directed me to a certain cybercafé, just by the gates of the school compound. Here, all services were offered at a student-pocket- friendly prices. I liked it, and after I was done, I asked the young boy to tell me who owns the cybercafé. At my surprise, the man told me he did. The man was the owner of the cybercafé and he was a student as well.
I had always thought of doing the same thing. So I told this young man my interest and he allowed me to join him in the business. It is now three years since we met and became business partners with John. Our business has expanded since we now have a wider customer base and a lot of cumulated assets.
Our short-term attraction to work with each other each was dependent on interest. I was very interested and impressed with the fact that one can actually run a cybercafé very well as they study. In addition, John did not have enough capital to expand his business, so he wanted a trusted partner to work with. On the other hand, after working for some time together, we acquired a lot of assets together with the money we jointly owned. This is a fact that made our relationship develop further and make it now to be a long-term one. We are long-term partners since we have established the business to a bigger one right now and even opened up a branch in a nearby town.
Our relationship is one that is guided by several types of power. For instance, there is the use of reward power, legitimate power, expert power as well as referent power. In this case, reward power since we ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing Relationships Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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