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Attention Getting Device: Everybody hates getting lost especially while on a trip to an unknown place. Lack of knowledge about a place can make people make wrong choices about where to stay and what to wear to suit the weather of the place. People need to know the beautiful…
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Veinna Austria
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Vienna Austria Specific Purpose: This speech provides valuable information to help my audience enjoy the of Vienna Organizational Pattern: Topical
Intended Audience:
I. Attention Getting Device: Everybody hates getting lost especially while on a trip to an unknown place. Lack of knowledge about a place can make people make wrong choices about where to stay and what to wear to suit the weather of the place. People need to know the beautiful sceneries of a place to make their trip there enjoyable and fulfilling (Steves 34). Through this speech, we take an exciting trip to Vienna.
II. Orientation Phase:
A. Point: This speech seeks to provide information valuable to anybody visiting Vienna.
B. Adaptation: Vienna City is famous for majestic beauty and eye-catching tourist sites. Many people would want to visit the city when on an occasion or vacation.
C. Credibility: Vienna is a big city and can be interesting to somebody who knows how to navigate it but can be boring to those who do not. I did not enjoy my first visit to the city because I go lost and sadly, I did not have a lot of time there. I endeavored to research about Vienna so that I do not get lost the next time I visit there and that I can help others enjoy their visit to the city.
D. Enumerated Preview: This work discusses three simple ways of enjoying Vienna. These are, taste Austrian foods in Vienna, enjoy ice skating, visit the national museum.
Transition: Tasting Austrian food in Vienna is the first simple way of enjoying a trip to Vienna.
I. It said that a visit to a place is not complete without the native food of the place and Vienna has delicious foods:
1. Savoury Austrian food is Vienna’s first food artifact that Vienna’s tourist would want to try.
a. Savoury Austrian food is an excellent mixture of grains, root vegetables, dairy, meat, and poultry (Steves 35).
b. Chocolate, jams, compotes, and yeast helps flavor Savoury Austrian food.
2. Vienna visitors can enjoy Austrian soup
a. The ingredients of Austrian soup differ with region but the taste remains delicious
b. Austrian tasty broth is made using celeriac, leeks, turnips, parsnips, and carrots (Parsons 13).
Transition: Trying Austrian food is only one way of enjoying one’s visit to Vienna. Skating on Vienna’s ice is another amazing way to experience the city (Tingay 117).
II. Winter is the ideal season to enjoy skating on Vienna’s ice.
a. City Hall Square is covered in ice throughout winter and its topography is ideal for ice-skating (Steves 36).
b. The site is 7,000 square meter fairy-tale ice-skating rink with a 450 square meters rink for recruit skaters, a 750 meters long ice skating trail trough a beautiful park, graced with great regional food and radio entertainment in the background (Parsons 14).
Transition: Having enjoyed Vienna’s skating experience, it would do justice to visit Vienna’s many museums and enjoy viewing Austrian heritage at a glimpse (Fisher 18).
III. There are different museums in Austria displaying Austria’s art and history
a. Kunsthistorisches is Vienna’s earliest museum of fine arts having an amazing collection of old masters including renowned Pieter Bruegel’s works (Prakash & Kevin 26).
b. Vienna’s Jewish Museums gives Vienna’s visitors an encounter with the celebration of the events in Jewish history (Steves 37).
Transition: This information should help Vienna visitors enjoy their trip and make the best of it.
I. Summary: A visit to Vienna will be unforgettable if one tried Austrian food in Vienna, skated on Vienna’s ice during winter, and visited Vienna’s museums.
II. Concluding Devise: Using this information should help you get the worth of the money you spend visiting Vienna and make your trip worthwhile.
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