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Satire and Political Life in Canada - Essay Example

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It has been adopted by numerous nations across the globe in a quest to establish a fair platform for governance. In a country such as Canada that can be cited as a demonstration…
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Satire and Political Life in Canada
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Download file to see previous pages Politics is a practise that has been practised for a long time in Canada, though it has incessantly evolved. Satire has been in practise for even longer, dating back centuries. However, the relationship between the two is more recent as the ‘freedom of expression’ has continually become more adhered to by the authorities. It can also be said that the accessibility of effective communication channels to the people has also made the relationship even stronger. Satire and politics have hence of late formed a bond that has got many understanding one through the other (Fisher, 2013).
Perhaps the most famous Canadian of 2013, Toronto Mayor Mr. Rob Ford, brought out a new and more advanced context of satire in politics. It is fitting to use this example since many people can identify with it, and consequently understand the extent to which satire and politics are presently entangled. After the mayor admitted to using drugs, comedians from all across the country and in specific parts of the world were prompt to pick it up and bend the admission to their favour. In fact, so many picked it up that some audience started viewing Ford as a victim of mockery. It got to a point where people taking drugs got sympathy from a newly formed population with the mind-set that taking is a sickness rather than a crime (CBCNews, 2013).
However, a majority of the people found the ‘mockery’ as hilarious and in a way understood politics through this perspective. It is a further emphasis on the burly bond between satire and politics in the current Canadian society. This is an example that most without the knowledge of the bond can use to realize what it is all about. However, it is appropriate to state that there are many more angles that the same relationship can be understood. The fact that views on political matters can be expressed freely means that the ‘limits’ of political satire are limitless. Some of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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