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Paper Communication in China - Essay Example

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The role of media in China has been recognized to achieve extensive development since last few decades which has also been identified to initiate substantial impact on the overall Chinese marketing campaigns. However, different studies have critically examined numbers of issues…
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Paper Communication in China
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Download file to see previous pages (2008) and Yuezhi Zhao’s ‘Communication in China’ (2008) and uses these insights extracted to examine the role of Chinese government in promoting desirable national image. In order to derive an-in-depth understanding two major media campaign cases including Beijing Olympic (2008) and Sichuan Earthquake (2008) has been duly focused upon.
With reference to Zhao’s ‘Communication in China’ (2008), numbers of key influencing factors within the party-state’s regime that have significantly imposed greater control and domination over the Chinese media and communication has been identified. In this context, the power of formal bureaucratic procedure along with improvised regulations has critically identified by the author to have significant influence towards the development of the Chinese mass media and communication. Moreover, it has also been recognized that there are numerous control strategies and measures that characterize discipline including rationalizing, normalizing and synergizing of the current media performance within the nation (Zhao 12).
Correspondingly, the re-invention of the power and control mechanism of the party-state has been further observed as the key influencing factors while making developmental decision of the Chinese media industry. According to the discussion of Zhao, the current role of media in the party-state affects the Chinese class structure in a distinctive manner. In this context, the author eloquently stated that “it affects class structure not only as an increasingly central vector of production and economic exchange, but also as the means of social organization and site of subjectivity formation.” The statement of the author significantly justifies the impact of party-state on media and communication which further creates major perplexities regarding the ownership structure along with property rights and corporate identity of the mass media in China (Zhao 76).
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Paper Communication in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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