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Politics, technology and electronic democracy Politics, Technology & Electronic Democracy The introduction of internet has affected virtually every segment of human life. Many people have the illusion that internet is capable of contributing only in the business and communication sectors…
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Politics, Technology and Electronic Democracy
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Download file to see previous pages “Electronic democracy, sometimes teledemocracy or digital democracy, are terms often used synonymously to refer to the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to connect politicians and citizens by means of information, voting, polling, or discussion”(Gronlund, 2001, p. 22). Internet is currently used extensively for paying various kinds of taxes penalties and also for registering votes. The spreading or electronic democracy is generally welcomed by people all over the world. However, sociologists have certain reservations in welcoming e-democracy whole-heartedly. “On one side, politicians and political activists talk enthusiastically about the possibility of a virtual polity in which the ideal of Ancient Greece is recreated; on the other side are those who fear for the destruction of democracy” (Street, 2012). This paper analyses the interactions between politics, technology and electronic democracy. Interactions between politics, technology and electronic democracy What strong democracy requires is a form of town meeting in which participation is direct yet communication is regional or even national.... The capabilities of the new technology can be used to strengthen civic education, guarantee equal access to information, and tie individuals and institutions into networks that will make real participatory discussion and debate possible across great distances. Thus for the first time we have an opportunity to create artificial town meetings among populations that could not otherwise communicate (London, 2012). The interactions between the individuals and groups are vital in strengthening democracy. It should be noted that these interactions will help people to critically analyze the policies and strategies of the government so that they may get proper awareness about the merits and demerits of the government. In autocratic countries such as China or North Korea, government may not encourage people to interact freely either through electronic media or through print media. In such countries, people will never get any opportunity to know what is going on outside. Knowledge about the developments in the external world will always help people to shape their thoughts in accordance with the requirements of the modern world. For example Hosni Mubarak and Gadhafi dictated Egypt and Libya respectively for the last 30 to 40 years. Unlike China, they failed to block the intrusions of electronic media from external sources. They never thought that the information passed through social networks may create any problems to their power and authority. However, what is happened in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia is history now. Many other Arab dictators are currently on the verge of elimination as the Arab revolution stimulated by the social networks is slowly spreading to other countries also. Technologies of all kinds have both direct and indirect impacts on the democratic life of a nation. On one level, technology serves as the substance of political dispute and negotiation—over technologies that create and destroy industries, over the ethics of technological applications, or over the appropriate level of government involvement in fostering new industries. On another level, technology serves as an essential (but only partial) tool in facilitating democratic government and its supporting administrative functions and institutions (Chen et al., n. d., p.2). Now, it is easy for the people to interact with the government instantly because of the spreading of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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