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Telecommunication technology has enjoyed tremendous growth because of the various remarkable advancements and demands arising from overall foreign and domestic economic growth. These developments include communication satellites, fiber optic cables, among other telecommunication…
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Telecomm Question Telecomm Question Telecommunication technology has enjoyed tremendous growth because of the various remarkable advancements and demands arising from overall foreign and domestic economic growth. These developments include communication satellites, fiber optic cables, among other telecommunication technologies. This paper describes critical development in telecommunication technology that may eliminate the need for any physical medium and provide an instantaneous, infinite bandwidth between the sender and the receiver anywhere in the globe.
A publication that was published by Lancaster University indicated that a professor at the University of Lancaster was at the forefront of developing technology that has the capability of speeding up the development of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless communication. Reports indicate that the professor together with colleagues from China has concluded a worldwide review of the 5G progress including the challenges underlying its implementation (Lancaster University, 2015).
According to the project review team, greater breakthrough in telecommunication is on the way as research and development go on with to meet their commercial goal of the Firth generation network for everyone by 2020. The review team also expects new techniques and network architectures to merge to promote the existing cellular systems.
A research conducted by the review team indicates an overview of potential network architecture. On other hand, the report also highlights various techniques, which could be used to develop the 5G system by analyzing the 5G current research and requirements. Some of these techniques include; Millimeter wave communications, Massive Multiple input multiple output, Non-orthogonal multiple access, and Cognitive radio and Device to device communications among others (Zheng, Zhang, Ding, Fan, & Li, 2015).
5G network systems will offer a platform that that will not only increase communication speed, it will also open doors to different industrial and consumer applications and uses. Some practical example of the uses the systems will be put into includes health monitoring devices, autonomous cars, and interactive gaming gadgets among others.
Additionally, the system is expected to provide faster data sending rates between the sender and the receivers, faster download speeds of data, a more linked world and most importantly a longer battery life. In order to make this dream a reality, the research and development have started the pursuit in the bid to seize leadership. Moreover, large amount of funds have been set aside from both industrial use and academia in United Kingdom, Europe as well as in other parts of the world. Presently, industrial companies together with the research community are diligently working together to so that they can identify the elemental limits of enabling the usage of the technology and the standardization of the technology together with the spectrum allocation of the 5G network. (Zheng, Zhang, Ding, Fan, & Li, 2015).
According to the review team, practical implementation of these techniques will not only eliminate the need for any physical medium, it will provide an instantaneous, infinite bandwidth between the sender and the receiver anywhere in the globe.
Lancaster University. (2015, April 30). G5: Moving to the next generation in wireless technology. Retrieved June 26, 2015, from Science Daily. Science Daily:
Zheng, M., Zhang, Z., Ding, Z., Fan, P., & Li, H. (2015). Key techniques for 5G wireless communications: network architecture, physical layer, and MAC layer perspectives. Science China Information Sciences, 58-98. Read More
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Telecomm Question Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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