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Rhinoceros: the Endangered Species List of the IUCN - Article Example

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A paper "Rhinoceros: the Endangered Species List of the IUCN" reports that surprisingly rely on a herbivorous diet and their front teeth are also not much developed in comparison to other plant-eating mammals: their molars and premolars are very well developed for grazing and chewing. …
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Rhinoceros: the Endangered Species List of the IUCN
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Extract of sample "Rhinoceros: the Endangered Species List of the IUCN"

Download file to see previous pages The Indian and Sumatran Rhinos have two horns and the African species have one large horn. The living species of Rhinos fall into two broad categories: the White Rhinos and the Black Rhinos. In the wild, the Rhinos do not have any natural predators except humans, who have hunted rhinos for various reasons, so much so that the IUCN has listed them in the Endangered Species category. The southern white rhino is the most abundant of all Rhino species with its calculated number in 2007 being 17,480. The northern White Rhino is on the critically endangered list with only four members in the wild and six held in captivity in San Diego and Kenya to restore the population.The Indian rhinoceros are one of the largest rhinos and were one of the most abundant species as well found in Pakistan, Nepal, China and India but due to excessive human influence in the form of hunting for use in medicine and ornament the numbers have reduced a lot so much so that only a few species are now found in Assam India and only limited pairs live in Kaziranga National Park in Pakistan. When compared in size with other Rhinos, the Sumatran Rhinos are the smallest of all and are also one of the most critically endangered due to environmental change and their killing; it is believed that only 275 of Sumatran Rhinos remain. The most important and crucial factor behind Rhino extinction is being poached. Many countries have made strict laws against poaching of rhinos but still, a very small number of poachers have yet been encountered resulting in no influence to stop rhinos from being hunted. According to an estimate in Zimbabwe, only 3% of poachers have reported having been encountered which shows how alarming the situation of poaching Rhinos has become.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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