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Biodiversity, landscapes, and endangered species - Research Paper Example

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Title: BIODIVERSITY, LANDSCAPES, AND ENDANGERED SPECIES Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Date: BIODIVERSITY, LANDSCAPES, AND ENDANGERED SPECIES Introduction Dynamism and variety continues to be the spice of life; meaning that the existence of differences and variety is a situation that makes the earth a very beautiful and luxurious place to live…
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Biodiversity, landscapes, and endangered species
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Download file to see previous pages This situation is the degree to which most species are being endangered and extinct. Clearly, until such as time that a pragmatic step is taken towards the protection of some of these species, the world may only become a place where there are fewer varieties of species than beautify our existence as people. From a scientific viewpoint also, this may affect the ecosystem negatively (Feldman, Divoll and Kyle-Rogan, 2009). This paper therefore seeks to critically study the life of Aaadonta irregularis as a critically endangered species from a scientific, practical and ethical viewpoint. Scientific perspective of Aaadonta irregularis Aaadonta irregularis is a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk, which is considered to be critically endangered by zoologists (Hardre et al, 2012). Aaadonta irregularis is a species of snail, meaning it is in the family Endodontidae and order Stylommatophora. Currently, the species is endemic to Palau, otherwise having Peleliu Island in Palau as its typical locality since the late 19th century. The habitat of the species is lowland rainforest where it is an active agent in the ecosystem and the habitat as a whole. Known to be a weak member of the ecology of its habitat, Aaadonta irregularis is known to live a very solitude life characterized by very limited to rare locomotive activity (Schwartz et al, 2010). Regardless of this, is it able to interact and relate perfectly to its habitat including various other plant and animal species. For example Aaadonta irregularis depends heavily on plant life for food, movement and shelter. Unfortunately though, the species has not been able to withstand most of the competitions it receives from its habitat, including struggle for food and activities of snail hunters, leading to which no specimens were found in Peleliu in 2003 where earlier specimen had been collected in 1936 (Rundell, 2012). IUCN rates the population growth rate of Aaadonta irregularis as declining. What this means is that there seizes to be increases in the number of Aaadonta irregularis found in their usual habitat (Blanchard, Southerland and Granger, 2009). Several factors can be accounted for why this unfortunate situation prevails. One of the major factors has to do with human population growth, which has led to the expansion of most lowland riainforest in the Peleliu Island and other places that used to serve as active habitat for the species, being used as residential locations (Schwartz et al, 2010). Meanwhile, such activities of making forestlands human residence is characterized by activities that is harmful to Aaadonta irregularis including degradation of forest trees, earthling up and burning of forestlands. Noting Aaadonta irregularis as very weak species that cannot stand the strength of these activities, the very ultimate consequence of the activities on their lives is destruction of their very population base. Unfortunately, when most forms of these destructions approach the species, they are not the type that can rapidly move to find new habitats. Practical actions towards saving Aaadonta irregularis Conservation is very crucial and important for any species that suffers the kind of fate that Aaadonta irregularis currently suffers. But for conservation to take place, there are a number of actions that must be taken ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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