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Colette is an original artist and her work has contributed to a lot of installations that looked same as that which was seen in the windows at Barney’s. Most people congratulated her thinking that it was her work only to realize that Gaga had appropriated het work. In her…
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Cultural/Media Critique
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CULTURAL MEDIA CRITIQUE s Colette is an original artist and her work has contributed to a lot of installations that looked sameas that which was seen in the windows at Barney’s. Most people congratulated her thinking that it was her work only to realize that Gaga had appropriated het work. In her defense, Colette argues that Gaga lives in an art work meaning that she is trying to move form individualism to standardization. Being that Colette is a French artist, she employs most of her original artistic work. This is what attracts the pop cultural musician lady Gaga. Gaga boudoir takes its inspiration from Colette especially the hair in place of silk. Most artists trying to look for pop culture authenticity will try to look different. Most of these artists will fake it to make it. Gaga did it and she put across her point.
Many people argue that if Colette is the original inventor then she would be much far from where Gaga is. But this is not true. Gaga appropriated the lighting, frilly furnishings, mirrors, and rat works hanging along the walls which are motifs indicating the frequently employed artistic work of Colette in Paris Biennale and in 1978 performance East 59th Street in Fiorucci windows (Abigail R. Esman, 2012). These cultural objects are what Gaga has employed. Gaga turns out to be a parasitic artist waiting for designs and appropriating them from their owners. This also shows the mass consumption of culture between the French and the Americans.
Abigail R. Esman. (2012, May 6). Lady Gaga: Singer. Performer. Art Thief. Retrieved 2014, from Forbes: Read More
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Cultural/Media Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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