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Public relations in media and cultural contexts (2/2) - Essay Example

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Public Relations in Media and Cultural Context The situational conditions of mass production, (sometimes referred to as economic production) which have lead towards political interventions in an economy, are the major counterpart of contemporary age (Bourdieu, 1984)…
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Public relations in media and cultural contexts (2/2)
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Download file to see previous pages The theme of circuit of culture revolves around the functions of representation, identity, production, consumption and regulation. All of these functions are interpolated among each other in a concrete way. All it would be needed to sort out the consumption and consumer functions out of these five. The customer feedback and design of product are correlated to each other because the company has to present what is desired by the customer in a real sense (Du Gay et al, 1997). In a similar way, if I review my journal which I held updated for the prescribed time period, I can judge a number of consumed and bought products. However some of these were less important while the rest were a little bit more crucial. To diversify my findings and results over a broader boundary, I have decided to analyze two ends of spectrum by choosing different category, design and family of the products which I bought. If I recall the journal which I maintained throughout the time frame, I can specify the most major as well as least important product (with respect to the time taken in purchase decision making). I had bought a cellular phone in the month of January while at the end of the same month; I decided to change my shampoo, so I bought it. Here I have chosen both of the newly chosen products such that I can explore my experiences as well. A statement in the circuit of culture theme reveals that the designers play the role of mediator between persuading a customer to use it and the efforts which are put to making it sure (feasible) to launch in customer clusters. Thereby we are more concerned towards advertisement design of some specific product. The target audience is thought to be accessible if it is a crucial phenomenon in the case of niche marketing. The economic production and consumption has a spatial effect over the consumers (sometimes customer: what if you go to buy a gift for your valentine). While I was analyzing my cell phone purchase decision, I suddenly came to know that I was looking for innovation. I was searching for a mobile phone which could cater all the technological needs. However most of the features, for what I desired, were irrelevant to my direct needs. But still I wanted to experience those as a techno lover consumer. Same is the case with organizations’ culture and the outcome of production. If the organization culture and ethnographic practices are decentralized and innovative then the products will also be innovative and updated. For example, at last I went for Apple iPhone 5 (however it cost me a little more than my projections for this expense) as a tycoon of innovation and classiness. Now I am going to fit my other choice in the box of circuit of culture ethnography. I went for a designers’ shampoo. It was specifically produced to the people who have combination skin. I am one of those however in my native region; this sort of skin is not found commonly. It hence is a niche product (Goggin, 2006). In the beginning briefing of circuit of culture, it was found that the designers are cultural mediators. They symbolize the cultural settings in to the product. If a product is associated to a cultural context, then it would be quite feasible for the targeted audience (Gee, 2005). Same in the case, I was attracted towards the shampoo for which I felt was best designed to cater my requirements. Bringing the other theme up, we have to discuss in detail about multiplicity of the public sphere. According to various schools of thoughts, this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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