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Video Sharing on Social Media - Dissertation Example

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The paper “Video Sharing on Social Media” will look at the proliferation of the Internet, consumer literacy and the growth of the social media. Social media has the power to topple governments and even to uplift an individual artist…
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Video Sharing on Social Media
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Download file to see previous pages Users have the option to restrict viewership but when the video owners seek mass audience they would not bother to protect their videos and music under copyright laws. Thus, with the aim to establish that public videos are posted aimed at cooperation and sharing, three objectives were set at the beginning of the study. Qualitative primary and secondary data was gathered after extensive literature review on the subject. Through qualitative analysis, all the study objectives have been achieved. The study highlights that the most popular video-sharing site is YouTube and its promotion can be enhanced by sending out tweets on the video. However, Facebook also appears to be a popular social networking site for sharing pictures and files. Users share files with different motivations which could be either the desire to individuate or the desire for self-enhancement. Users also derive satisfaction is letting others know who they are. However, sharing of videos require some amount of expertise in the use of social media. This gives rise to issues of copyright and privacy. The study finds that users are aware of privacy issues but when the intention is to share, the issue of privacy does not arise. At the same time, with the intention is to share and attract a mass audience it is pointless getting the files copyrighted. Social networking sites offer the facility to maintain privacy if required. When information is shared, others merely ‘see’ the information but derive no shared experience, vision or meaning out of it. Therefore, even if they share videos, they can maintain privacy, they remain individuated. The study concludes that sharing of videos on social media does not compromise on issues of privacy, and it is up to the users to maintain their privacy and remain individuated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Video Sharing on Social Media Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 11500 Words.
“Video Sharing on Social Media Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 11500 Words”, n.d.
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