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Name Professor Course Date Mobile Video Internet Search and Summary How much of a role did mobile video play in the Arab Spring? Was it a significant factor in the rebellions that disposed of long-reigning dictators in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc? Undeniably, contribution made by mobile video in the Arab Spring based on studies so far conducted has proved to be unsurpassed compared to the respective states’ reputable journalists…
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Mobile Video Internet Search and Summary
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Download file to see previous pages Mobile video, which encompass smart phones, Iphones and other gadgets of similar caliber were handheld components mostly preferred by protesters and demonstrators as they agitated for the elimination of tyrannical powers, for instance, in Egypt (Boughelaf). People were capable of sharing ideas, slogans, videos and frustrations they so far endured while under tyrannical individuals who due to the sycophancy of traditional Medias made the majority ignorant by threatening them (Stoughton, India). Therefore, through mobile video gadgets, the then incumbent powers did not have any limitation, which they can impose on people except to terminate phones’ supply from western states, but they had already made their citizens’ hands (Shanley). For instance, Duffy (54) in his study cites how most handheld phones now evident among middle class society contributed to effective communication in such a way tyranny powers cannot limit users’ freedom. In Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Libya people besides being protesters, almost all of them turned out to be “journalist reporters” though not in acting it. Since, they took pictures and videos only to flood them in FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube, which currently have large pool of fans (Duffy 53). This helped to disseminate Arab Spring information incomparable to other authorized state Medias (Duffy 54). Hence, being a significant factor that contributed immensely in overturning tyrannical icons especially in Arab regions. Since, it only took the courage of an individual to update an observed repression state then followed by numerous comments of similar caliber expressing frustrations, which then resulted to active action like in Egypt. What are the possibilities now for viewing TV shows on mobile devices? Mobile knowhow has not only perfected its varied applications with the aid of phones but also extended in airing TV shows (Heather). Therefore, fans of diverse shows do not have to part with what they can watch while in the comfort of their homes but also while travelling with the aid of their handheld Iphones, Galaxies and smart phones (Heather). Presently, it is not a shock to find some Wi-Fi enabled public buses installed for passengers to access internet with their phones, which is a marketing strategy in some of Third states especially in Kenya and Uganda (Okwii). This is due to low-priced gadgets, which respective corporations have offered thus enabling even middle class people be in possession of them besides installed in public vehicles. Consequently, this avails masses with large pool of information irrespective of their place and time such that despite being out of residential confinements can still enjoy TV shows they normally love. Presently, the argument concerning “possibility” of watching TV shows via mobile gadgets is not a future anticipated enjoyment but already realized goal. This is because the knowhow despite being new to some states especially in Middle East is already rampant in other states whereby users they only need to have an internet connection (mostly wireless). In some states, this is already a realized goal whereby some mobile subscribers especially in Kenya, which even offer bundles for internet fanatics via their mobile gadgets (Okwii). Hence, they are capable of watching not only TV shows but also global matches of their favorite teams. PR Newswire ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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