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The speed of communication facilitated by the digital channels did enable the activists and political groups involved in the Arab Spring with an unprecedented agility in the…
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Thesis Proposal of the Journalism, Mass Media and Communication of the Concerned 22 December Thesis Proposal Did social media play a pivotal role in the blossoming of the Arab Spring?
Social media did play an important role in the blossoming and proliferation of the Arab Spring. The speed of communication facilitated by the digital channels did enable the activists and political groups involved in the Arab Spring with an unprecedented agility in the dissemination of their message and objectives. The social media provided the Arab Spring activists with a platform on which they could organize debate and broadcast with the felicity that was never possible in the past.
The objective of this thesis is: (1) to delve on the role played by social media in the proliferation of the Arab Spring; (2) To estimate the extent to which the social media helped Arab Spring; (3) In a larger context to gauge the role of social media in the dissemination and proliferation of political activism.
Significance of the Study
In the current times the digital technologies and globalization have indeed transformed the way how political activism organizes, consolidates and proliferates itself. This premise was indeed amply exemplified in the recent Arab Spring demonstrations. Thereby, it is imperative to estimate and understand the role social media could play in aiding political activism in the contemporary globalized scenario. In the political activism of the future one could readily expect the social media and digital technologies to extend a new facet and edge to it. Hence, this study will play an important role in understanding and estimating the ramifications of the social media in aiding political activism.
This study will be qualitative in its approach that will research and explore the available online and textual sources to facilitate a better understanding of the topic under consideration.
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Arab Spring. New York: Oxford University Press.
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Age. New York: Global Executive Board.
Tripp, C. (2013). The Power and the People: Paths of Resistance in the Middle East.
New York: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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