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playing this might prove dangerous and fatal at times (actually most of the times) to ones Ego. Undoubtedly this is one such question that most of the people have come across at some or the other point in their life. While there might be…
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Do you know who I am
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Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? Why, have you forgotten? Often called a celebrity card, Beware! playing this might prove dangerous and fatal at times (actually most of the times) to ones Ego. Undoubtedly this is one such question that most of the people have come across at some or the other point in their life. While there might be few who thought themselves popular enough to act like the first person above, undoubtedly, most of the people reading this article belong to the second category (dont raise your brow to the word "Second", we anyways outnumber the First). The following few paragraphs, will try to solve the mystery of why this audaciously imperious question falls flat in front of the second category denizens of earth.
If this royal question is dissected, what we get are two parts that can answer the mystery- "Do you know?" and "Who I am?". While the first part undoubtedly challenges the knowledge of the listener who is being spoken to, the second is more interesting as it can be read as a confusion that has just then struck the speaker.
Will discuss the recent Reese Witherspoons arrest case and her ineffective use of "the celebrity card.
Mike Tyson and A.J. Ayer case
Lindsay Lohans mother vs. Hollywood nightclub.
and a conclusion. Read More
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