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A Murder to Report - Essay Example

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He also helps actors and actresses become more famous through his talk show because of his ability to present them as lovable characters if he wants to, which he often does for…
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A Murder to Report
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Extract of sample "A Murder to Report"

Download file to see previous pages He is short and stout but he is greatly feared for his accusing tongue and fierce looks.
The play opens with the main cast of the movie series “A Murder to Report” namely, Karen Lam and James Hunter, seated on a couch at the center of the stage. The talk show host, Herman Fox on the other hand is seated on a fancy settee angled ninety degrees from the couch. The stage is set so that Lam, Hunter and Fox can easily adjust themselves to look at each other and look at the audience at the same time. Behind them is a big screen where cuts from the movie are being shown. The three people on the stage are facing the screen while the shots are being run. After the last picture, Lam, Hunter and Fox all turn toward the audience.
Herman Fox: (Smiles at the audience and with an obviously well-practiced professional voice, he greets the audience) Good evening everyone! I am glad to present to you the stars of the new movie series entitled “A Murder to Report”. This is an interesting movie because it portrays the lives of reporters like me. Unfortunately, we do not have our main host tonight, Stanley Peters. For some reason, Peters cannot be contacted through his mobile phone. On the other hand, the male protagonist, Charlie Sterns was unable to make it as well. The two are known to be buddies so perhaps they have met each other somewhere instead of here (Fox smirks). Anyway, I hope their absence will not be too obvious after we give you a good talk show tonight. So, let us start with Karen Lam, the protagonist. How does it feel to play the main role considering that you are new in the industry?
Karen Lam: Well, honestly, I am quite honored that I have been given the chance to have the main role of a good movie series. Obviously, I am also nervous about the whole thing because I do not know how the people will react to my character and acting.
Fox: Oh, yes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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