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However, initially I had a number of issues regarding speech practice with the help of videotaping. As per my experience, videotaping required proactive approach i.e. proper understanding of the speech and…
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Video taping review paper
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Videotaping as an Helpful Method Videotaping has proven to be an effective way to prepare for a speech. However, initially I had a number of issues regarding speech practice with the help of videotaping. As per my experience, videotaping required proactive approach i.e. proper understanding of the speech and the delivery tools. Herein, it should be noted that there are some of the elements or delivery tools that can help in making speech experiences successful. These include gesture or body language, tone and pitch of the voice and finally the message to be delivered.
Previously, in the first few attempts of videotaping, I observed myself to have a very low pitch and tone of my voice. With the help of videotaping, I actually got to understand this flaw and made sure that I am clear in terms of my voice pitch and tone. Another element that I noted to be absent in my speech delivery was the usage of gestures (Speech Association of America). In the next few attempts, I tried to make use of body language which later made by speech delivery experience successful.
With the help of videotaping, I also understood that I was unable to make an eye contact and rather focused on notes and objects in the surrounding. Thus, I improved in this area as well after observing videotape of my speech. Overall, I can state that videotaping may be a difficult task for students but in real terms, it can help in developing better speech skills. I will employ this method in the future as well for the purpose of presentation.
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Speech Association of America. Instructional Uses of Video-taping: A Symposium. New York: Speech Association of America, 2012. Print. Read More
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Video Taping Review Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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