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This paper analyzes prejudice in two videos, the TV show, “Without Prejudice,” and a TED talk, “iO Tillett Wright: Fifty Shades of Gay.” Communication theory terms are…
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Without Prejudice--zhang
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December 7, Prejudice in “Without Prejudice” and “iO Tillett Wright: Fifty Shades of Gay” Prejudice can be observed from how people form and express their perceptions about other people. This paper analyzes prejudice in two videos, the TV show, “Without Prejudice,” and a TED talk, “iO Tillett Wright: Fifty Shades of Gay.” Communication theory terms are applied to “Without Prejudice,” while analysis of prejudice knowledge and communication skills is used on “Fifty Shades of Gay.” This paper shows that prejudice can affect expectancy, which can lead to violation valence and differences and changes in communicator reward valence, and that “Fifty Shades of Gay” is useful in describing the causes and effects of prejudice, as well as good communication skills.
The theory that applies the most to the TV show, “Without Prejudice,” is Judee Burgoon’s Expectation Violations Theory (EVT). The process of choosing someone to give $25,000 is based on expectancy, violation valence, and communicator reward valence. Violation valence refers to positive or negative values placed on particular unexpected behaviors. Communicator reward valence refers to the positive or negative attributes put into the encounter and the potential to reward or punish the behavior. The judges in the show had expectancy or expectations regarding communicator characteristics, which are basically comprised of demographics (i.e. race, age, educational background, gender and social class), physical appearance, personality and communication style. The judges made first impressions from how the candidates presented themselves through saying their names and where they are from, which their communicator characteristics affected. Dave, for instance, judged that John did not seem to need the money because of his physical demeanor. RJ would not give the money to Nancy at first because she is already old. Their prejudice on people’s age and physical characteristics affected their reward valence. The show also demonstrated violation valence and communicator reward valence. JJ showed positive facial expression when she learned that Jack was a Marine, which gave positive valence to Jack. However, when Jack revealed that after his service he got involved in the porn industry, JJ changed the valence into a negative one. Jack’s porn activities violated JJ’s expectancy from him as a changed man, since he became a soldier already. Communicator reward valence resulted to JJ’s judgment that Jack does not deserve $25,000 because his work is “disgusting.” Learning that Jack is in the porn industry also earned him a negative valence from David. David said that he would not support porn that destroys lives, thus, he gives a negative reward valence to Jack too. Prejudice can impact people’s communicator reward valence.
To learn more about prejudice, the student found “iO Tillett Wright: Fifty Shades of Gay.” It is a good source of information on prejudice because Wright speaks clearly and intelligently on gender issues. Her parents did not ask her to define her gender identity, so she sees herself as a tomboyish girl who can love men or women, depending on the character of the person. The video shows how prejudice is formed through a child’s interactions with the basic social institutions of his/her life, specifically his/her family. Without prejudice from one’s family, Wright finds freedom, not judgment, in finding who she is, which is not based on social gender norms and customs, but based on who and what she feels she is. Wright further explores the impact of prejudice on gay people, such as the absence of their right to marry. Aside from being a good video on prejudice, the video can help improve communication skills because Wright has excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills. She speaks clearly and directly. She gives examples when needed, or narrates stories to support her claims and beliefs. She also uses facial expressions and body gestures to stress her point and to connect emotionally to the audience. Wright has helped me become more aware of my body language and language.
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