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The movie titled as “The Secret” was made available for the eyes of the public during the period of 2006 and soon after it made its initial entrance; it became quite popular especially for the ideas that are portrayed in the movie (Harrington, 2006). The movie is falls…
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Summary 1 page about movie called (secret)
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The Secret Summary The movie d as “The Secret” was made available for the eyes of the public during the period of 2006 and soon after it made its initial entrance; it became quite popular especially for the ideas that are portrayed in the movie (Harrington, 2006). The movie is falls within the category of documentary based movie and has a motive of spreading knowledge and information. The movie is based on the model of intention manifestation which means that if an individual holds the intention then he/she can easily transform his/her desires into a reality. Basically the movie promotes the idea of law of attraction which states that an individual should be focused towards his/her aims, objectives and wants and will ultimately receive them. Although it may seem as if the movie is promoting the notion that if an individual remains focused on his/her aims and objectives and works hard for them, he/she will achieve it. But the movie actually promotes the idea that just by focusing on aims and objectives and without making effort and individual can gain anything he/she desires. The movie projects the incident of Morris Goodman who narrates his story in which he unravels the secret through which he heals the issue of paralysis. Interviews are conducted in the movie in which physicians as well as trainers provide insight regarding the secret and the arts and science that is involved in it. It covers several instances of people who have been able to achieve several aims and objectives through the application of the secret.
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The secret. Dir. Paul Harrington. Perf. Morris Goodman. TS Production, LLC, 2006. DVD. Read More
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