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Decoding the past the secrets of kabbalah - Movie Review Example

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Jonathan Towers and Margaret Kim are the producers of the movie, “Decoding the Past the Secrets of Kabbalah.” (2006) “Credited cast are Michael Berg (Himself), Yehueda Berg (Himself), David Friedman (Himself), Pinchas Giller (Himself ), William Gross (Himself),Boaz Huss…
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Decoding the past the secrets of kabbalah
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Extract of sample "Decoding the past the secrets of kabbalah"

Movie Review Topic: Decoding the past the secrets of Kabbalah
Jonathan Towers and Margaret Kim are the producers of the movie, “Decoding the Past the Secrets of Kabbalah.” (2006) “Credited cast are Michael Berg (Himself), Yehueda Berg (Himself), David Friedman (Himself), Pinchas Giller (Himself ), William Gross (Himself),Boaz Huss (Himself),Morshe Idel (Himself ), Dennis Janiske, Shimon Bar Yohai, Guy Klinzing, Rabbi / Spanish Scholar, Daniel Matt (Himself),Ronit Meroz (Himself),Moshe Miller (Himself),Marc Morgn, Nathan of Gaza, and Byron Sherwin (Himself).”(Towers) The movie was released in USA on December 17, 2006 and its language is English. The literal meaning of Kabbalah is “receiving.” It relates to mystical features of Rabbinic Judaism. Creator is the All-pervading power that controls everything in the world. The quality of helping others and charitable disposition paves the way for the Creator for the well-being of the individual.
The movie brings to the reach of the common viewers the exclusive philosophy and religious practices of Judaism that is reserved for study by ultra-religious scholars. The scene has undergone total transformation. It is a multi-million dollars industry now, and celebrity-endorsed venture. The secrets for thousands of years have been demystified. To grasp the original teachings is still a far cry for the commoner, and one has some idea as to what Kabbalah is all about, after viewing the movie.
The problem with the movie is that it presumes that the viewer has the backgrounder information about Judaism. So if you are going with the hope of watching the secrets of the mystical history of Judaism, the way the rituals are conducted and their importance, you will be disappointed. The script of the movie is based on many texts whose authenticity is doubtful. They are unable to provide tangible information and reveal the secret alphanumeric code in the Torah. Unless the viewers have the cultural knowledge of Judaism, watching the movie will not be a rewarding experience. A movie of 50 minutes duration will certainly not be able to provide complete information about the secrets of mysticisms of Judaism.
The message through the movie is clear and straightforward but it is incomplete. When you are dealing with the intricacies of a profound philosophy, to learn which the rabbis take a lifetime, how justice can be made to the subject with a capsule of 50 minutes? There are many hidden meanings in the revelations of Judaism, unless the producer or the director is well- versed in them, the dialogues will not carry the intended import. It is not possible to separate Kabbalah from its Jewish notations. The movie has achieved astounding popularity across the world. It begins with the introduction of Kabbalah from its spiritual foundations to its present day incarnation, and throws light on the many myths surrounding this ancient philosophy but they are all rendered in a preachy and descriptive style. The movie has made the beginning to kindle the interest of the viewers to explore the secrets of Jewish Mysticism and its popularity in the current times. Some important developments have taken place in the 21st Century, as for such revival, with the interest shown by celebrates like Madonna and Britney Spears.
According to Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) the world is created with the latent forces of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which is the sacred language. Each of the 22 letters has the special significance and it manifests abundance and power. This letters have the spiritual power to connect one to the Creator and everyone has that light. Thus, it is firmly believed by the Jews that Hebrew language has latent secrets. By translating it to another language the secret of the letters is lost. Viewed from this angle, the significance of the movie is lost to a traditional follower of the Jewish religion. It will serve as the introductory about Kabbalah. Instead of knowing nothing about the Jewish religion, it is better to know something through this movie. Awareness and inquisitiveness are the starting points for the study of spirituality. This movie has achieved those objectives. The contents of the dialogues are opinionated.

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