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The movie, ‘A Secret Government’ is classical movie that describes a special network of spies, official functionaries, mercenaries, super patriots, profiteers, and ex-generals who are motivated for a variety of reason operating outside the legitimate government in an effort…
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A Secret Govermnt video write up
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A Secret Government The movie, ‘A Secret Government’ is ical movie that describes a special network of spies, official functionaries, mercenaries, super patriots, profiteers, and ex-generals who are motivated for a variety of reason operating outside the legitimate government in an effort to instill accountability aspect on the government. It is unfortunate that the president sought their support when they fail to secure the support of the people or that of the congress in a bid to reengineer their new tactics of governance during the unprecedented moments. The high profile government officials have used the secret govemnment as their last resort in bailing them in certain governance problems that they face periodically. The government, as their window opportunity is therefore using the group when all their legitimate options are blocked.
The involvement of the member in of the secret government in governance has soiled the reputation of the government in upholding transparent management of its affairs and instead cast doubts on the efficacy of the government to provide leadership. There is also the fear of the unsupervised government being into place when the citizens are expecting continuous improvement on the government on transparent performance on matter of security and administration as a whole. The secret government demonstrates how the top government officials engages with the unconventional groups in the management of its affairs in a desperate move after failing to win the support f the people or that of the congress for constitutional and legitimate operation.
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The Secret government. Dir. Bill D. Moyers. Perf. Penn, Michael, Erikkson, Meserve. Public Affairs Television, distributor], 1987. HD-DVD. Read More
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A Secret Govermnt Video Write up Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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