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There are various elements of attitudes including social, perceptive, and sentimental elements (Curtiss, 2010). Attitudes are not constantly steady with actions. This is…
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Attitudes 2
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Attitudes Attitude and Behavior From research, attitudes are cultured tendency to react positively or negatively toward some attitude item. There are various elements of attitudes including social, perceptive, and sentimental elements (Curtiss, 2010). Attitudes are not constantly steady with actions. This is because the connection between attitude and behavior is resilient when several attitudes are not tangled with solitary attitudes. This implies that people may have various opinions concerning an issue. Accordingly, the connection may be solid when there are recurrent prospects for behavior; this means that there is consistency across time, which is more reliable indicator than a one shot observation. Furthermore, this link is solid when attitudes are founded on individual capability and direct reflection. Attitudes are crucial to an individual`s significance system, thus as a result making some attitudes to be more significant than other.
In addition, the connection between behavior and attitude is strong when the availability of people`s attitude is extraordinary. The availability of an attitude is the comfort people feel in perceiving what they think about something or their capacity to express their attitude. There are various aspects that affect availability or accessibility; these encompass anticipations, cognitive explanation, recency of activation, and regularity of stimulation. For instance, in the anticipation factor, a person is likely to think more when he or she knows he will have to assess an item in the future. Moreover, the extra task a person performs the stronger and accessible the attitude becomes concerning the cognitive expansion. Concerning regularity of activation, the more an individual thinks about something, the more accessible his or her attitude towards it will be. The attitudes are not consistent with the behavior concerning organ donation because social pressure. Thus, this can be strengthened by the regularity activation, where the more a person thinks about donating an organ, the more likely he or she is bout to change his attitude and also sign up to be among the donors. Accordingly, it may also be solid when the likelihood of the public attractiveness is reduced. This implies that people may act in a different ways when not in public. Therefore, these are some of the examples demonstrating the inconsistence of attitudes with people`s behavior.
Curtiss, S. (2010).The attitude behavior consistency of humanistic psychotherapists from empirical and phenomenological perspectives. New York, NY: Cornell University. Read More
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