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The research methodology of this research has resemblance with the one employed by (Foo, Tam, and Lee) because they have used a combination of interviews and semi-structured questionnaires in their study design. Data in this research will also be collected with the help of the…
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Drugs among youth.3
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Literature Review The research methodology of this research has resemblance with the one employed by (Foo, Tam, and Lee) because they have used a combination of interviews and semi-structured questionnaires in their study design. Data in this research will also be collected with the help of the same tools to ensure that the characteristic features of the research participants are also obtained in order to their responses to the questions asked in the interviews. Since most of the questions that the research participants will be asked are about their personality and thinking, the methodology used by (Knyazev) is a good example because the research participants were asked to complete personality questionnaires in addition to different questions regarding their relationships with their family members and friends. Kirst, Erickson, and Strike (135) have demonstrated the characteristics of their research participants stratified by their gender. Similar approach can be adopted to stratify the characteristics of the research participants of this research by their age and gender. Hadland et al. (490) have presented the popularity of different kinds of drugs among the research participants belonging to different samples in the form of a graph. The same graph can be plotted for the causes of drug abuse and the different groups of research participants on the basis of their age and gender while presenting the results of this research. Since the data collected for this research will be analyzed and the results will be presented in the form of a blog post, tables, graphs, and charts will be used to present the results.
Data analysis and presentation
Once the data has been collected from the research participants using the aforementioned tools, it will be analyzed with the help of SPSS Software. Recordings of the interviews priorly conducted with the research participants will be heard and their responses will be summarized under different headings, that would henceforth be referred to as variables. Using the software’s features, correlation among the variables will be found out. The variables will include both the responses of the research participants gained from the interviews and their characteristic features like age and gender as identified from the demographic survey. In addition to that, the relative importance index of the different causes of drug abuse will be identified. One the data has been analyzed, it will be presented in the form of a poster. The blog post will contain a chart showing research participants belonging to different age groups and genders, and the reasons for which they started taking drugs along with answers to other questions as mentioned before. The chart will be summarized in textual form to make it easy for the audience to understand it. Correlation between the research respondents’ age, gender, and drug abuse will be drawn. The number of research respondents with similar or same responses to specific questions will be identified and reported in the blog poster. The importance of different causes of drug abuse as found as a result of the relative importance index will be discussed.
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