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The authors used a unique technique of making the exploration of a new music scene in Brighton and is debated whether one can classify it as…
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Critical Introduction- Documentary Video
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Critical introduction: documentary video Critical Introduction: Documentary Video The ‘Alternative music in Brighton’s documentary was authored by Brendan Toussaint, Yasmin Hoque, Silvia Yang and Daniel Kenny Whaley. The authors used a unique technique of making the exploration of a new music scene in Brighton and is debated whether one can classify it as music or not.
The city of Brighton is regarded by many people as being a cultural and creative city with a diversity aspect favorable for many artistic works. This aspect has influenced its growth over the years. However, the filmmakers made their decisions of exploring the city in focusing their documentary by the use of an abstracted music played. The music was played by the use of classic genre in order to create the new sounds.
Karl Waugh and Chloe Wallace are the subjects behind the documentary and had a rhythmic relationship of the played music, of which they created. It is a passion for the Waugh to play his music. This is especially at the times he speaks, making the audience to have the personal feelings of the music after they view it. This is a norm, especially for the filmmakers in using a style of keeping the people who create the music in the limelight. In this case, they see no importance for any other alternative of this style since it is an understandable style to the audience and the artists.
Furthermore, the team producing the documentary wanted to make the audience to distinguish the style of music used in this artwork and classifying it as the real music. In the introduction to the documentary, Bill Nichols explains that the filmmakers structured their film according to the interview of the Waugh since his words were forming the framework of the argument discussed in the documentary.
The producers have the tasks of marketing the new music in Brighton as well as avoiding the critical debate of whether the type of the music can be classified as the real music. This aims at giving the audience the chance to have their own opinions on the documentary or their own feelings.
The documentary also supports the spoken words and is supported by the images, which are shown in the film as discussed by Bill Nichols. This is because the visuals are traditionally important in the films and they are shown as shots in supporting the discussions of Waugh.
The sounds, which were heard as being experimental were produced by the Zero Map and are used to encourage the artists in using shots that corresponds with their ideas. The team also believes that, showing the shots will make the audience to have better understandings of the ideas behind their purpose.
However, the filmmakers had a strategic reasoning that showing the different side of the music makes it more advantageous. This is because of their awareness of not producing the conventional music, which people usually listen. It is the fact that the filmmakers do not listen to this music style. This is evidenced by how the filmmakers evolved their ideas in the documentary from having little knowledge of the style to familiarizing with it. In addition, the audience is aimed by the documentary to undergo the same process. That is why Michael Rabiger states that the things that you care is the only worth work in convincing for the focused work.

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Brendan Toussaint, YasminHoque, Silvia Yang and Daniel Kenny Whaley. Alternative music in Brighton. Reviewed on: Read More
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Critical Introduction- Documentary Video Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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