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New Media Audiences and Technologies - Essay Example

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This report “New Media Audiences and Technologies” will focus on new media technologies and audiences with a focus on television. Although television had been known over the years, it is considered as a new media because there have never been any improvement on the audiovisual technology…
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New Media Audiences and Technologies
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Download file to see previous pages This part deals with some of the initial findings regarding new media and audiences as well as the challenges experienced. There are many studies done in relation to future relationships of audiences and the new media since they shift focus depending with the availability of new media. Because of this, the report aims to establish future trend and the challenges the audience will experience with the developments of new media. Therefore, the focus will be on the available literature in finding consistency of their study in relation to the area of study.In attempts to understand the evolution of new media and audiences, Napoli (2008) proposed evolution audience model that referred to the notion of the dominant framework used by the media stakeholders in conceptualizing audience evolution in response to changes in the environment. The environmental changes related to diversity in technology transformed the audience consumption and gathering information from different dimensions. The new technological changes in the media interact with one another as the developed new media affects the consumption and provides new means of gathering information. The study revealed causal relationships between the traditional declining exposure metrics and the emergence of a new audience behavior. From his study, it is clear that the entrance of new media technologies affects the audience consumption as it creates an environment for exploitation. Because of this, developments of new media affect the audiences’ ability to capture information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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New Media Audiences and Technologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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