Negative or Bad News - Assignment Example

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In our particular case, Maribel Rivera has shown interest to hold the Annual Conference this year but we have already planned our event. Now we want to convey the message to the…
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Negative or Bad News
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Negative or Bad News Message I. Plan A. Analyze the Situation What is your general purpose? The general purpose of this message is to communicate our point of view to the receiving party. In our particular case, Maribel Rivera has shown interest to hold the Annual Conference this year but we have already planned our event. Now we want to convey the message to the Maribel who is a very good business partner to us.
2. What is your specific purpose?
The specific purpose of the message is to refuse or we can say reject the request of the Maribel Rivera. She asked to take the position of key speaker this time in the annual conference but we have planned something else for the conference, which is ready. At this point of time, we cannot hand over speakership to Ms Rivera because her technology is different from what we want to highlight in this session of Annual Conference. So we can say that specifically we have to refuse Ms Rivera about her request.
3. Exactly what do you want your audience to think, feel, or believe after receiving your message?
It might be possible that Ms Rivera will think that we do not value our working relationships. She may also feel that her sacrifices for our company had no worth at all. She will feel down and negative about the company because she is very much willing to promote her latest technology in the High Tech Annual Conference. It can be expected that Ms Rivera will not be on the same good terms after this refusal just because we are not agree to give her company the speakership of the Annual Conference.
4. Who is your primary audience?
In our case, the primary audience is Maribel Rivera, the owner of another manufacturing company who is supporting our company and this Annual Conference from last 8 years. She is always there for handling any problem. She even took the responsibility of a presentation at the last moment when one of our presenters refused to take part in the conference in the last years’ conference.
5. What is the audience’s background?
The audience of this message is Maribel Rivera, who is very supportive to the company. She always offer her services for our company.
6. What are the audience’s reactions likely to be to your message?
It may be possible that this message will put a negative effect on our good and sound relationships. In addition to it, it is also possible that she will not attend our Annual Conference for the appreciation of technology.
B. Gather Information
1. What information does your audience need to receive?
In order to minimize the negative impact of the message, it is quite necessary to communicate the actual reason of refusal of request in a sugarcoated manner, so that the working partner may not feel bad for it. We need to inform them about the main idea of the High Tceh Annual Conference of this year i.e. we are focusing on the Robotics and Technological interventions in medical fields. Another highlight should be the purpose of grabbing the national and international media attention. We can also tell her that if she would participate in the conference then it is quite possible that her technology is promoted in the national and international media.
C. Organize the Information
1. What is your main idea?
In order to create this message, my idea is to use a language and style, which will not put any harsh effect on Maribel Rivera. I will try to convince her that she should promote her technology in the Annual Conference as a participant just because of the reason that this time the Conference is highlighted in many on the international media. In this way, her technology will be promoted also without being a key speaker. It is quite possible that the appreciation of her technology and concern will minimize the effect of the negative message.
2. Will you use the direct or indirect approach?
I will use an indirect approach for this kind of message. I will appreciate her involvement, and then tell her the basic theme of the Conference and after that; I will force her to be the participant of the Conference to promote the technology.
3. Why are you using the approach you chose?
I am using an indirect approach just to save our working relationships. A woman is more emotional as compare to men and thus she can get upset with a direct and somewhat harsh message.
II. Write
A. Adapt to Your Audience
1. How will you show sensitivity to your audiences needs?
I will try to show sensitivity towards Ms. Rivera needs by choosing an indirect approach to communicate the message.
2. How much credibility do you already have with your audience?
It is expected that a high level of credibility is present between the two companies just because of the past relationship of almost 8 years.
3. How will you establish the additional credibility you need?
I will try appreciate the new technological advancement in her company which she is trying to promote conference. In this way, she might think that our Company is still loyal to her.
4. Will your tone be informal or more formal?
I will write my message in an informal manner.
B. Compose the Message
Hello Ms Rivera,
Hope to find you in the best of Health.
We really appreciate that you are so much concerned about our High Tech Annual Conference and want to be there along with your latest technology invention. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to highlight your work just because of the reason that this time the Conference will have media coverage from international platforms. I hope that you will definitely utilize this opportunity for the good of your company. Here it is to be noted that this year the basic theme of the Annul Conference is the Robotics and the Medical Technologies. We have many of the big names who are actually presenting in this Annual Conference. We are pleased that our working partner is going to compete with those names in the Annual Conference. Please be ready for the Biggest event for both of us.
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