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The groups are not treated in proportion to their numbers instead they are treated according to the way they have been known; the Jewish as people who normally would have their way even when on the wrong, that is why others would rally to try and make sure the Jew in question…
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Media Messages Paper
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Media Messages 2nd December, Tone of Commentary (check) Positive Neutral Negative Comments
Unspecified Negative
Orthodox Jews
Female Neutral
Male Negative;

Upper class Negative
Middle class
Lower class neutral
Tone of Commentary (check)
Positive Neutral Negative Comments
African-American Negative

Asian-American Positive

Latino Negative
White Positive
1. The groups are not treated in proportion to their numbers instead they are treated according to the way they have been known; the Jewish as people who normally would have their way even when on the wrong, that is why others would rally to try and make sure the Jew in question is prosecuted. The Latinos and blacks are known to be criminals hence even when they perform dismally in school, the reason is quickly said to be a criminal culture.
2. The tone varies; it is depended on whether the person is a male or a female, his/her social class and the ethnicity. In both articles the writers are silent on the roles of some ethnic groups. While many characters are involved, those that are on the wrong from certain ethnic groups are mentioned. The ethnicity of four young men who molest the female are not mentioned the way the one Jew is introduced..
3. The audience targeted is the general public that view the Jews in bad light and the blacks and Latinos who should take responsibility for the failure of their children in school.
4. The blacks and Latinos have a criminal culture, that is why in the same environment where others make it, they end up failing because their presence changes things negatively. The upper-class use their wealth to suppress the vulnerable in the society as in the case of the teenage female who is accusing the wealthy man for sexual harassment.
Oren,Yanin. “Judge overseeing sex abuse trial of Orthodox leader Nechemya Weberman gets snippy over courtroom snapshot outing accuser, 4 men detained in connection with illegal photo” New York daily News. New York Daily News, 29 November 2012.
Monahan, Rachel. “White, Asian students dominate citys top middle schools” New York daily News. New York Daily News, 23, November , 2012
PMNative Youth Magazine. “Remembering the past.” Native youth magazine.2012.
Schineller, Peter. “Culture Shock on Returning to America” America;The national Catholic Weekly. America;The national Catholic Weekly, 29 June 1991. Read More
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