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Overall, the spread of the internet has actually had a negative effect on non-western societies. Using existing literature - Essay Example

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Impact of the Internet in Non Western Countries Name Subject Instructor Date Impact of the Internet on Non western Countries The introduction of the internet has had a global impact on almost all sections of society as it has molded itself into a daily need for many activities with communication leading the pack…
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Overall, the spread of the internet has actually had a negative effect on non-western societies. Using existing literature
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"Overall, the spread of the internet has actually had a negative effect on non-western societies. Using existing literature"

Download file to see previous pages The answer is yes, though the internet has immensely influenced the development of these countries, the politics and cultures of these countries have also been negatively impacted as a result (Anne, 2009). In terms of the culture of these non western countries, the introduction of the internet can be said to have done more bad than good to their existence as a result of the alterations that have occurred as a result. Whereas in the past the culture of these countries were held in great esteem by the youth as a result of the teachings that were passed on from the older generations, they are now viewed as backward and non significant by many of the youth whose main information is retrieved from the internet (Clay, 2008). This can be said to be mainly because of the availability of the internet which has introduced the younger generation to different, and in their view, more attractive modern cultures mainly practiced in the westernized countries that has led them to abandon the teachings of their own cultures for these foreign practices (Harris, 2008). A good example of such change is the treatment and views of parents by the youth in these non western countries. Whereas in the past a child dare not disobey their parents wishes, the introduction of the internet has revealed countries such as America where an individual is capable of suing their parents in court and do not hold them in such esteem. This has led to the degeneration of the level of respect that was once accorded to these parents as a result as the youth ask themselves that if the American’s are doing it why shouldn’t they? Thus, it can be said that the introduction of the internet has led to the slow disappearance of a country’s culture as he youth give them up for more modern views on life and society (Yochai, 2006). The introduction of the internet has also affected the culture of non western countries cultures in terms of moral values that had previously played a large role in the society of these nations (Steven, 2005). The number of moral beliefs that were previously upheld by then youth has decreased drastically as a result of the internet as well. The World Wide Web has opened up the gates of information and practices that were previously considered taboo are now accepted the younger generations in these non western countries as a result (Anne, 2009). This can be said to be due to the discovery that though such acts were forbidden in their countries they are widely accepted in the western lands and thus as a result, they become accepted as well as the youth strive to emulate the western lives that they see via the web. An example of such moral beliefs is the cohabitation of different genders (That is boyfriends and girlfriends) before marriage. Whereas in the past it was unacceptable for a boy and a girl to live together unless they related or married it is now a widely accepted role in many non western countries, something that was not the case before the introduction of the internet (Sherry, 2011). Sex before marriage is also another subject that was unthinkable before the intro ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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