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This paper "Frank Luntz Lections on Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values" focuses on Frank Luntz who lectures on beliefs, so a number of conclusions can be reached. Using his choice of words, it appears Luntz seeks to exploit the emotional content of language. …
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Frank Luntz Lections on Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values
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Frank Luntz Lections on Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values
Considering Frank Luntz’s lectures on beliefs, attitudes and values, a number of conclusions can be reached. Using his choice of words, it appears Luntz seeks to exploit the emotional content of language. To him, emotion is an important part of speech and this forms the focus of his subjects. In the context of beliefs and values, it can be argued that Luntz takes a rather analytical approach which makes it a bit difficult to determine his stand with respect to such issues. In a way, he does quite well with respect to audience adaptation. In the speech Luntz gives at San Francisco, it appears that he is a very good communicator in a number of respects. Similarly, there are certain aspects in the manner he makes his presentation which need to be corrected so as to make it even better.
Luntz is very keen in involving his audience in his presentation. He does not simply stand in the podium and give a speech. Rather, he occasionally asks questions which are very important in keeping the audience much engaged and alert. He interludes his talk with a number of very interesting questions which effectively connect with the audience. This is certainly an important part of making a successful speech and ensuring that the audience is motivated to listen further. In the same way, Luntz does not just stand in one place at the podium during his talk. He greatly moves around the podium and as he walks across and talks. This makes people very engaged and not bored. The focus in this regard, is to ensure that the audience is not fixated and subsequently bored. In this regard, Luntz is very effective in the context of audience adaptation.
In making his points, Luntz uses a great deal of relevant examples which the audience can easily associate with. He does make his presentation full of theory and abstract reasoning. Rather, he talks about the daily things which his audience relates with. In a way, Luntz has a great sense of humor which helps in keeping the audience alert and greatly involved. This humor is not actually far-fetched but is drawn from the very situations which the audience experience daily. Luntz makes a comparison between the performance of Obama and McCain in the 2008 election campaigns. He attributes Obama’s success to the ability to easily connect and relate to the audience while making his speeches. On the other hand, McCain is presented as somebody who highly depends on the teleprompter and does not thereby clearly connect with his audience.
Luntz maintains a proper eye contact with the audience and also greatly applies gestures in driving his points. His tonal variation is conducted very perfectly and this helps in balancing emotions of his audience. In a way, Luntz clearly understands the emotional aspects relating to his audience. After making an important point, he pauses in the speech and this gives the audience an ample time to absorb and realize the importance of that point. Nevertheless, it is important to note that Luntz digresses much in the course of his presentation. In the course of providing examples, he seems to go overboard and thereby deviate for a while before focusing back to his main speech.

Luntz, F. I. (2009). What Americans really want . . . really: the truth about our hopes, dreams, and fears. New York: Hyperion. Read More
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