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The essay "Aspects of Adaptive Leadership" deal with a meaningful insight into the key aspects of adaptive leadership. Besides, it introduces a novel approach to guiding the employees towards the accomplishment of their collective goals by allowing them to utilize their individual strengths. …
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Aspects of Adaptive Leadership
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Aspects of Adaptive Leadership
This case study provides a meaningful insight into the key aspects of adaptive leadership and introduces/highlights a novel approach to guiding the employees towards the successful accomplishment of their collective goals by allowing them to utilize and capitalize on their individual strengths. Most of the studies centered on leadership, which I have learned so far stressed on the significance of leaders as problem solvers and highlighted their impressive abilities to lead, by assuming responsibilities in highly critical situations. My view of leaders was mostly based on this oft repeated ideology which emphasized their roles as problem solvers and leading their followers by example. However this case study helped me in reviewing my preconceived notions about the scope and roles of conventional leadership. I realized that adaptive leadership in present times is highly relevant and effective since it encourages all the employees in an organization, not just the leaders, to work collectively based on their strengths and push them to utilize their knowledge, work outside their comfort zones and offer meaningful solutions to any given problem faced by the organizations. As the market becomes more and more competitive, such an approach where every single employee makes a conscious effort to contribute towards problem solving, acts as a boon and ensures overall organizational success.
The six principles of adaptive leadership which includes: getting on the balcony, identifying the adaptive challenge, regulating distress, maintaining disciplined attention, giving the work back to people, and protecting the voices of leadership from below (p. 120) helped me in providing a broader outlook of the process of leadership and understand the relevance and significance of adaptive leadership in contemporary corporate workplaces.
The various examples and cases discussed in the case study including that of the game strategy used by Earvin 'Magic' Johnson and Bobby Orr; helped in driving home the key message that leaders today are not only required to identify the critical challenges faced by the organizations posed by the external environment but must also orient the employees regarding such challenges and equip them with the task of adapting to the changes by reflecting on their day to day activities. Through various examples discussed in the case study, I learned the value of adaptive work and its relevance, especially in present day and age. This case study helped me in understanding the fact that in the absence of an adaptive work ethics in contemporary corporate environments, businesses risk the threat of extinction. Given the increasing competition brought about by globalization and technological advancements, conventional attitudes towards leadership and management it is imperative to replace conventional approaches to leadership with adaptive leadership.
In conclusion, one of the most valuable lessons I learned via this case study is the fact that leadership entails a process of ushering in a generally unwelcome reality and motivating the employees and/or individuals to successfully adapt to it. It refers to the manner in which leaders coax the employees to unlearn the conventional work practices by guiding them to adapt their behavior in a way that helps them thrive in this extremely competitive and dynamic business environment. Read More
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Aspects of Adaptive Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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